Hi-top mini Risograph

"Hi-top" is one of Lisa's favorite things and a part of a curated collection of nine different things that bring her joy. All nine are Risograph prints made here in Portland. 


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The Risograph machine is a stencil duplicator. Think of it as a cross between screen printing and photocopying. The Riso prints one color at a time in bright, vibrant colors. It is a quirky process that leaves each piece slightly different looking - that’s part of why we love this printing technique.


Open Edition 

Riso ink is soy and rice oil based, and low VOC. Risographs use very little energy to run and consumables (like ink bottles) are recyclable. The inks are not classed as archival or lightfast. Prints will fade over time if left in direct sunlight, but will last much longer if kept out of light or framed with UV glass.

Uneven ink coverage, roller marks and misregistration are all part of the charm of Risograph prints. 

Printed in Portland by the wonderful folks at Outlet

All work copyrighted © by Lisa Congdon.

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