At Lisa Congdon Studio, we do our best to make eco-friendly choices in our lives and at work. As a team we recognize that the small decisions we make can have a big impact. As the business has grown, we’ve made a conscious effort to drastically reduce the amount of plastic we use and do our best to source recyclable and local materials, even though it costs more.

  • We’ve found suppliers who are committed to eco-friendly solutions that maximize recycled content and are designed for recyclability and reusability. For example, our print sleeves are biodegradable and our sticker and label paper is recyclable—small details that really add up!

  • In addition to our committed suppliers, we reuse packing materials as much as possible. Often you’ll find packing pillows or peanuts in your order, and these are getting a second life to help bring you your package safely. 

We love finding new ways to have a smaller ecological footprint and will continue to do so. We think this is so important and know that you do too.


Lisa Congdon Studio