Just Add Color Botanicals on the Meredith Vieira Show!


Super excited that my coloring book Just Add Color: Botanicals was on the Meredith Vieira show yesterday! You can watch the clip above and see Botanicals front and center! It’s sold out everywhere but back in stock this month and you can order on Amazon and they’ll ship when it’s available again (should be soon).

This just in, too: I’ve just signed on to create three more coloring books for the Just Add Color series, out next year!

Have a great Friday, friends!


Have Some Fun with Sketchbook Explorations!



Do you enjoy drawing in your sketchbook or doodling your way through the day?  Last year I launched Basic Line Drawing (which you can take or re-take at any time) and this year my newest class is called Sketchbook Explorations. Both classes are great for avid or aspiring drawers or doodlers.

You can watch the preview of Sketchbook Explorations below:

The class is divided into four parts. You can make your sketchbooks looks like mine (I’ll teach you some techniques) or use the inspiration to create your own totally unique spread. That part is up to you.


In addition to drawing, we’ll also do some mixed media collage with paper in our sketchbooks too! Throughout the course I share  my process and you have the opportunity to learn alongside me. I cover the materials you’ll need, composition and technique. You take the course at your own pace — it lives on the internet forever, so there is no rush!

Head over here to learn more, watch preview videos, sign up for my class or get a Creativebug’s subscription if you don’t have one already. It’s a steal at $4.95 a month (and you can take as many classes as you like and can cancel any time).

In the past students from my course have posted images of what they’re making on Instagram. If you do take the course, be sure to follow me @lisacongdon and tag me & use the hashtag #cbugsketchbook in your images so that I can see what you’re making!

Hope to see you in class & have a great Thursday!


For the Love of Mom



Mother’s Day is just around the corner! If you are still looking for something to give your mom on May 10th, I’ve got loads of mom-friendly gifts in my shop. And to celebrate all the awesome moms out there, I’m offering 15% off for Mother’s Day with coupon code ILOVEMOM. This code is valid through Mother’s Day. Go take a look!

Have a happy Wednesday, friends!



For the Love of San Francisco



SF Print // Now available in my Etsy Shop

As many of you know, I moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Portland, Oregon one month ago today. I am happy too report that I am absolutely loving my new city. But one thing I know for sure is that San Francisco will live forever in my heart. I’ve written here before about the significance of this great city in my development as a human being. No place will ever be part of me as much as San Francisco.

To celebrate San Francisco, I’m offering two new pieces in my Etsy shop starting today. First, the SF Print pictured above, which is a collection of many of the things I love about the city. Second, I’m also offering copies of the SF Wildsam Field Guide (pictured below) which I illustrated in 2013 (you can see more images of the book here). This guide is a little book packed with local lore, interviews, memoir, hand-drawn maps, personal essays and more. Equal parts travel guide and tribute, the field guides suit both weekender and native.


Have a great Tuesday, friends!



Words for the Day // No. 65



This quote is from my book about swimming, due out in Spring of 2016.

Have a great Monday, friends!


New Original Works Available



Friends, I’ve got eight new original pieces for sale through Hellion Gallery. If you see one you like (at the time of this writing, the bottom left “Spring Flowers” has sold but all others are available), email matt@helliongallery.com to make your purchase. All pieces are 12×16 inches, framed in wood, and $350.

You can see larger images of each piece here on Hellion’s website.

Have a great Thursday, friends!


New Limited Edition Prints in the Shop!


Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 8.26.26 AM

Hello friends! So excited to have two new LIMITED EDITION prints in the shop! The prints are each printed on high quality thick Hahnemühle etching paper and are signed and numbered (editions of 25 only). They are both 11×14 inches.


Fish Limited Edition Print // Get yours here.


Yes Town Limited Edition Print // Get yours here.

Have a great Monday!


Linework NW This Weekend in Portland!



Friends in the Pacific Northwest! Don’t miss Linework NW, a comics and illustration festival in Portland Oregon at Norse Hall this weekend.

This year, I am a “special guest” at the festival, along with luminaries Daniel Clowes, Lisa Hanawalt and Jay Howell. I will be at the festival Sunday, April 19 from 12 pm to 8 pm, selling and signing books and limited edition prints. Come find me at my table! From 2:30-3:30 pm on Sunday I will be on stage in conversation with fellow artist and illustrator Jason Sturgill for an intimate conversation about my work and process.

Come to the festival to peruse and purchase the work of tons of comics artists and illustrators, meet special guests and hear folks speak.

There’s more! There is also an opening party and exhibit of the work of all of the special guests (including me), which opens Friday, April 17 at Hellion Gallery from 6-10 pm. Hellion Gallery is located at 19 NW 5th Ave, Suite #208 in the Pearl. You can RSVP for the event on Facebook here or just show up! I will have EIGHT framed original drawings for sale at the opening:


If you do come to the festival, please say hello. I love meeting people.

Have a great Tuesday and see you this weekend!


New Print in the Shop!



Friends, I am excited to release a new print today in the shop! It’s called “Arches” and it’s 11×14 inches, printed full color on white paper. You can grab yours here.

Have a great weekend!


Words for the Day // No. 64



Gotta start somewhere.

Have a great Wednesday, friends!


Etsy Shop Open // New Print Release!



Friends, after moving to Portland Oregon earlier this week, my Etsy Shop has now reopened! And to celebrate, I am releasing a new print called Spring Blossoms which you can purchase here. The print is 11×14 inches, printed with archival inks on acid free bright white paper and is signed and dated.

Also back in stock: Botanicals and Folk Art coloring books!

Happy Spring!


Words for the Day // No. 63



So excited to have these words by Brené Brown in my next book of hand lettered quotes. Comes out in September of this year!


On Our Next Big Adventure



You may recall that a few weeks ago I announced that my wife Clay and I are packing up our home & business and moving to Portland, Oregon. This particular change feels even bigger than others I’ve made recently, and that’s because it involves a significant change in place.

If you know me at all, you know that I am am California girl. I love my state (and its flora and fauna) so much that I have the word California (flocked with poppies and a Quail) tattooed on my left forearm. The California Bay Area has been my home for almost forty years. When I was eight years old my family moved from upstate New York to the Silicon Valley (first San Jose, then Los Gatos). When I was 18, I moved to Moraga, California to attend college, and from there, in 1990, I moved to San Francisco, where I lived for 23 years until I moved to Oakland a little over two years ago (which I wrote about here and here).

And for years and years, I said I would never leave San Francisco. It’s where I came of age, came out of the closet, where I became a real adult, worked, laughed, roamed the streets, fell in love for the first time, experienced & recovered from countless bouts of heartbreak, learned to love good food and wine, met most of the important people in my life and became an artist. “I am never leaving this city,” you might have heard me say years ago. “I am staying here till I die.”

But what I didn’t know then is that I would change. And that San Francisco would also change. And that even though I still love the place, I wanted, needed to get out and go somewhere else. I was craving more quiet and San Francisco was getting more crowded and more expensive. So two years ago I moved over to Oakland, a short 12 miles from the big city. And I grew to love it here too. Oakland offered so much of the change I was craving: more quiet, more space, something new and different for my mind to experience. But it was still only 12 miles away, and on average I’ve driven or taken the train into San Francisco at least twice a week since moving to Oakland.

Early in 2014 my wife and I began to talk about my art business. It was growing at an enormously fast pace, and I was struggling to keep up with & manage all of the opportunities by myself. We wondered aloud what it would be like for her to come on and help me with my business, to manage my marketing and operations, strategic decision making and communication. That wondering grew into a plan, and a year later we are making it happen (she started as Head of Marketing and Operations for Lisa Congdon Art & Illustration last week, after leaving her job at California College of the Arts). We also realized that in order to build the studio of our dreams (complete with room for things like art-making, order fulfillment and client meetings) we had to leave the Bay Area. The cost of living here is one of the most expensive in the country.

So we began researching other cities and towns that might be a good fit, places that were economically vibrant, but more affordable, and we kept coming back to Portland, Oregon. There is a rich arts community in Portland, a fantastic outdoors culture (we love to bike and swim and hike), and, best of all, my parents and sister and her family all live there. It’s already been like a second home to me for the past 15 years. After months of visits and weighing options, and lots of hemming and hawing, we decided, despite having to leave California, Portland was the place.

And just like that, I’m leaving the place I once thought I would never leave, and everything I thought would be true about my home is no longer true.

And while you might think that I would feel scared or sad, I am, in fact, enormously excited to leave the Bay Area. And that’s not because I’m angry or disgruntled about the changes in the Bay Area; it’s because I’m excited to try something new. I’m excited to experience an entirely new place first time in my adult life — not just for a few weeks on a vacation, but as a new way of living. I am looking forward to making new friends, hiking new trails, getting to know my family in new ways, making a new home with Clay and planting some roots. I am even looking forward to experiencing new weather, rain and cold winters.

I have no doubt I will miss the abundance of sunshine, the endless hillsides covered in dry grass and dotted with oak trees, the diversity, the culture of innovation, my beautiful friends. I have unending memories of my life here in California, of San Francisco back when it was just a regular bohemian city, and all of the incredible things & people I experienced here over the past 25 years.

But I am excited about our next adventure. I’m excited about being uncomfortable, about new experiences and about getting lost. The older I get, the more I realize how intentional change and placing myself outside my comfort zone fuels my creative process and growth. I have no doubt that the next few months will be an intense and sometimes difficult adjustment for both Clay and me. But I also know that I have not felt this much energy for life (despite my busy work schedule) in a long time.

So, Portland, here we come.

Have a great Thursday, friends.

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New Podcast: The Unmistakable Creative



I just recorded a new episode with none other than Srinivas Rao of The Unmistakable Creative Podcast!

Highlights of the podcast include:

+A painting class that was the catalyst for my career change

+Infusing a spirit of generosity into the art world

+Challenging the starving artist narrative that perpetuates our culture

+Dealing with fear of claiming your identity as an artist

+Identifying the special, important and transformative moments of your life

+The process of self discovery to uncover latent skills

+How we get comfortable with putting our work in front of an audience

+Navigating the emotional journey of your creative career

+Leaning into the discomfort and messiness of your life and work

I hope you will give a listen.

Happy Monday!


Words for the Day // No. 62



From my upcoming book about swimming. For more sneak peaks at this book, follow me on Instagram and follow the hashtag #theswimmingbook.

Have a happy weekend, friends!