My New Book!

I am excited to announce the release of my new book, Fortune Favors the Brave: 100 Courageous Quotations Hand-Lettered by Lisa Congdon! A new book filled with uplifting reminders to seize the day, this sequel to Whatever You Are, Be a Good One demonstrates that when embarking on a new adventure, the right words of encouragement can be a priceless gift. Pick up a copy at Chronicle Books, on Amazon, or wherever books are sold.

Business Class on Creativelive

businessclass_homepageIn this 22-part class, you will explore with me the steps you need to take to bring your art into to the world and reach new and diverse audiences. You’ll map out the vision and goals that drive your artistic career. You’ll identify the characteristics that make your style unique, and you’ll use those characteristics to develop a memorable personality for your business. And, as you learn to approach your art career as a step-by-step process, you’ll begin to build the resilience and flexibility essential to thrive on the road to finding a successful career. Best of all, you can take the class at your own pace.

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Learn With Me

sketchbookexplorationsTake my latest online class with Creativebug! It’s called Sketchbook Explorations, and it’s a four-part class in which I teach several of my sketchbook techniques, including mixed media projects using collage, watercolor and pens. Work along with me at your own pace! You can learn more about and sign up for the class here. Enjoy!