Introducing: My Nordic Adventure Series!



Friends, I’m very excited today to introduce my latest personal project: My Nordic Adventure. Remember last fall when I went to Iceland, Sweden, Denmark and Finland for three weeks? That trip (which you can read about in the Travel & Adventure category of this blog) was a dream come true. Through this ongoing project, I’ll share with you some of what I experienced & saw there. I collected and drew (and am still drawing) images of architecture, textiles, food, packaging, chairs, signage, and on and on. Every 1-2 weeks I’ll post an entry in the series: a collection of things (like the collection of doors, above) or just one image with some hand written reflections or a photograph montages with lettering and line drawings. I might throw in some hand drawn maps and I’ll even post some images of the actual travel journal I kept during the trip.

Today’s entry: doors! I love doors, and some of the doors I saw during this trip were exquisite. In Copenhagen and Stockholm I loved the hand lettering of door numbers. I have so many photographs of doors that I may even have to do a second installment of door paintings for the series.

Unlike previous and current personal projects (Collection a Day, 365 Days of Hand Lettering, The Reconstructionists), this project will not fall on a specific regular schedule or day of the week. However, I’ll be posting generally every 1-2 weeks here on this blog. Stay tuned for my next entry in the series later next week. Thank you for following along, and please share with others you know who love travel (or Nordic countries, in particular).

Happy Tuesday and welcome to My Nordic Adventure!