Helen Dardik



Cayo-CoCo Birds - pattern by helen dardik

{Helen’s patterns are gorgeous and colorful! Top: Black Swan gift wrap for Logom Design}

As you may have come to know if you read this blog, I love pattern design, and one of my favorite pattern designers (and one of the most talented pattern designers around today) is Helen Dardik. Helen was born in Odessa (the fifth largest city in the Ukraine) and also lived in Siberia. She went to the school for art and design in Israel and then moved to Canada in 1993 where she studied graphic design. That’s where she fell in love with illustration.

I'm Positive - pattern by helen dardik


I absolutely love Helen’s unconventional use of color and how she uses graphic elements and space in her work. She is clearly influenced by mid century design and Scandinavian design (which are two reasons I must love her work so much!). Helen also loves to travel, and if you read her gorgeous blog, you can see how her work is inspired by her travels with her family (Helen has three daughters: Lola, Margo and Anais).

Christmas Trees - pattern by helen dardik



I have had the pleasure of hanging out with Helen a couple of times over the years. We are both represented by the same illustration agency and often see each other at the Surtex surface design show in New York City.


{me, Jenn Ski and Helen at Surtex in 2012}

Floral Fireworks - pattern by helen dardik


Helen is most well-known for her patterns, but she also has a beautiful little Etsy shop where she sells bright and graphic prints in her iconic style.



Happy Tuesday to you, friends.

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