Words for the Day :: No. 45



Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday.


New Notebook in the Shop!



Now in my shop: my 5×7 inch “mega” screen printed notebook/sketchbook (front and back pictured above).

Filled with 48 blank pages for your doodling or sketching pleasure and originally designed for my sketchXchange event in Portland in October 0f 2014, this notebook (beautifully printed by Scout Books) is now available for purchase here in my shop.


Have a great Tuesday, friends.


2014 :: A Sewing Odyssey :: #7



This past Friday I worked on my seventh garment sewing project of the year: a tunic made from some beautiful Nani Iro double gauze, which has been hanging around in my fabric stash since I purchased it earlier this summer. For this tunic, I used the same pattern that I used to make this dress, except kept the hem a bit shorter. [For those of you who are new to my blog, I started sewing my own clothes this past January. You can see all of sewing projects from the year here.]

To give this tunic a special pop, I used some neon pink bias tape for the neckline (also something I bought earlier this summer that I have been dying to use). I also recently purchased a serger, which I used to finish off all the interior edges of the dress (a very satisfying exersize, I might add!).

When I first started sewing clothes in January, I had no idea how much I didn’t know about garment sewing, and how different it is from quilting, the only other kind of machine sewing I’d ever done. Since then,  I have been working on refining my sewing skills every time I make a new garment. The first few pieces I made were humbling and frustrating, and I realized I needed to dig in my heals and learn some things, especially if I was going to make anything that I would feel proud to wear regularly. So I read a few books, took some classes and had lessons from my friend Sonya. And I finally feel like I am getting the hang of it, though I have so much more practicing to do, especially because I want to advance to more complicated patterns and techniques.


This particular tunic is a very simple shape, just four pieces to construct. I know I will be using this pattern over and over again! It’s very flexible and easy to wear. My friend, pattern designer Sonya Philip, designed this pattern especially for me, but you can purchase very similar patterns of hers here.


Have a great Monday and happy sewing!


New Phone & Laptop Cases Available!



I’m so excited to announce my latest phone, laptop and device case/skin designs! The first, above is called Garden Menagerie, and you can get all of the cases and skins here. (Scroll down to see the second design.)



I’ve also released Spring All the Time, in a similar complimentary palette, which you can get here. Cases and skins available for every imaginable device!




Happy shopping and have a great weekend!

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The DELVE Toolkit



I love hearing about new resources for artists, and I was really excited recently when Sara Jones showed up at an event I had in New York and introduced herself to me. She is one of the founders of Kind Aesthetic, an creative agency who helps artists create a visual, written and emotional representation for their practice or business. One of their services is the DELVE Toolkit.

The DELVE Toolkit for artists & creatives offers personalized, one-on-one, professional guidance to visual and performing artists, creative entrepreneurs, crafters and makers to help them best communicate what they do, get (and stay) organized, and achieve their professional goals.

What you get:
+personalized direction and weekly assignments
+hours of one-on-one conversation plus email access to Kind Aesthetic
+the drive and focus from two professionals who truly care about your success
+honest, clear feedback
+constant, steady motivation and manageable tasks
+confidence, accomplishment, self-reliance and new amazing work habits and skills

You can set up a free 20 minute consultation by emailing hello@kindaesthetic.com

You can also read more about the toolkit here.

Have you taken my Become a Working Artist Course on CreativeLive or read my book Art Inc? The DELVE Toolkit sounds like fantastic followup support and action to get your art career moving.

Happy Thursday.


Editorial Illustration for Design Observer


Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 11.18.05 AM

I was pretty excited last month when I get an email from esteemed journalist Rob Walker, who writes for The New York Times and Design Observer, among other prestigious gigs. He asked me to be part of his latest project: the “Spawn of the Gerrymander” — in which he asked some of his favorite illustrators to use their talents to highlight the true shape of political mapmaking in the twenty-first century. You can read the introductory essay here and browse the whole series here on Design Observer.

I illustrated North Carolina’s Gerrymandered Fourth District to look like a Leafy Sea Dragon. You can see the illustration in all it’s glory and read about my interpretation here.

Have a great Wednesday!


New Print in the Shop



Friends, I’m now offering this Harriet Beecher Stowe hand lettered quote as a print in my shop. Get it here.

Have a great Tuesday!


Portland, YOU Are Awesome



This past week I spoke two different times at two different events for 2014 Design Week Portland. I have always known Portland is a special place. I have been going to Portland for visits for the past fifteen years. Several members of my family, including my sister and parents live there, and I have loved that town from the beginning. But the experience of the last several days brought a new level of love and appreciation to my heart. So many incredibly kind people, well organized, sold-out events, and good beer, food, smiles & hugs.


Thursday I spoke at the Design Week HQ in Pioneer Square (which happened to be a geodesic dome). I was in conversation with Namita Wiggers, former Director and Chief Curator for the Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland, and also friend and inspiration, now freelance curator, writer and big brain. We talked about my path, how I’ve used the Internet and my mulch-disciplinary approach to making a living as an artist. Thank you to everyone who came out to hear us talk, and for all the great questions I got and interest in what I do. It was all very heartfelt! A special thanks to Namita and PDW organizer Kate Bingaman Burt for inviting me to do this event!

Then, this past Friday evening, I gave a talk about my work in general & my sketchbooks to a crowd of over 200 people.


The event was organized by the amazing Yvonne Perez Emerson and Scott Baker, founders of WeMakePDX.


Here I am with my wife Clay and Yvonne at the party following my talk. I have been working with Yvonne to prepare for the event for almost nine months, and I cannot say enough about her energy and enthusiasm, not just for my event, but for supporting and being part of the Portland creative community.

Thank you, Portland, for making me feel so welcomed!

Have a great Monday, friends.



Napkin Design for Schoolhouse Electric



Friends, I’m so excited to have done another project with my friends at Schoolhouse Electric! This time I’ve designed a linen napkin for them, pictured above.

Each 16×16 inch napkins is screen printed by hand and hand sewn in the Schoolhouse Factory. Crafted from natural linen, these dinner napkins will just get better with age and use. A Schoolhouse Electric Exclusive!


You can order them here or purchase them at the Schoolhouse Electric shop in Portland, OR.

Happy Thursday!



New Coloring Books Available in My Shop



Every now and again you get a really amazing illustration job — something that you can’t wait to get up and work on every single day. One such job came my way last year, and it was to contribute three coloring books to a new series by Rockport/Quarto Publishing: Just Add Color (there are also books by other illustrators in the series, which you can see here). One of the coolest things is that they let me choose the subject matter for the books, and, as you might have guessed, I came up with Geometric Patterns, Folk Art, and Botanicals for my three books (because they are three of my favorite things to draw).

I’ve now got these three coloring books in my shop! And retail shop owners, you can purchase these books via Hachette distributors.

UPDATE! THEY ARE SOLD OUT. But coming back in a week to ten days. Stay tuned!

Happy coloring! And have a great Wednesday.


Words for the Day :: No. 44



Have a great Tuesday, friends. I’m back tomorrow with a brand new set of coloring books in my shop! Stay tuned.


Become a Working Artist on CreativeLive!



Last week I taught a two-day intensive class on CreativeLive called Become a Working Artist (and thank you to my student Alexa Heung for capturing the photo above). You can now purchase the 22-video class on CreativeLive for $99. The course includes hours upon hours of content, tips and exercises you can watch at your own pace (once you buy the course, you own it forever). You can read reviews of the course, watch a preview and see all the topics I cover right over here.

Thank you to the entire crew at CreativeLive who worked on promoting, recording, streaming, and producing my class, my three special guests (Carrie Lederer, Lisa Solomon and Betsy Cordes), my hosts Chris and JKO, and my entire in-studio class (all 17 of you!). And thank you also to those of you who tuned in all over the world to listen, learn and participate. It was a really wonderful experience. Here is a photo of the crew and my in-studio students after we wrapped last Wednesday.


Become a Working Artist, now available for purchase. And, as always, there is my book, Art Inc, a great companion to the class.

Have a great Monday, friends!


Words for the Day :: No. 43



Have a great weekend, friends!


Thank you, Land of Nod!


Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 10.53.36 AM-1

Was pretty excited when I found out that the Land of Nod (who I’ve been designing for now for several years) gave my Hygge and West Triangle Wallpaper a shout out in their email marketing campaign yesterday. You can see it here in the background of the room pictured above and you can purchase the wallpaper (in several colorways) here. Thank you, Land of Nod!

I’m playing a bit of catch up after an amazing experience teaching Become a Working Artist through CreativeLive the past two days (thank you to everyone who turned up!), but I’ll be back tomorrow with a recap and some photos.

Happy Thursday!


Author Event with Three Amazing Women



Friends, I am so excited to tell you about the book tour for authors Betsy Greer, Leanne Prain and Kim Werker. These three amazing women have all published really fantastic books in the last few months and are going on a tour together around the US & Canada. The tour, called Make Your Voice Heard: The Intersection of Craft, Creativity and Activism starts this week in San Francisco. I’ll be moderating a panel discuss with these three women at Diesel Books in Oakland this Thursday evening, October 2 at 7 pm. The event is FREE and open to the public. Their books will be for sale and they’ll be signing books after the discussion.

The authors: Betsy Greer, author of Craftivism: The Art & Craft of Activism (published May 2014), Leanne Prain, author of of  Strange Material: Storytelling Through Textiles (published October 2014), and Kim Werker, author of Make it Mighty Ugly: Exercises and Advice for Getting Creative Even When It Ain’t Pretty (published September 2014). Among other things, we’ll discuss the intersection of craft and activism, the “ugly” side of making stuff.

Not in the Bay Area to come on Thursday? Here’s a list of all the events associated with the book tour around the US and Canada:

10/1: Booksmith, San Francisco, CA, Rena Tom moderating. 7:30PM.

10/2: Diesel Bookstore, Oakland, CA, Lisa Congdon moderating. 7PM.

10/3: MakeShift Society, San Francisco, CA, hands-on workshop. 6:30-8:30PM, $45.

10/5: Tillamook Station, Portland, OR, hands-on workshop hosted by Maker’s Nation as part of Design Week Portland. 11AM-1PM. $45.

10/5: Powell’s City of Books, Portland, OR, Kate Bingaman-Burt moderating. 7:30PM. Part of Design Week Portland.

10/6: Seattle Creative Arts Center, Seattle, WA, Marlo Miyashiro moderating. 6PM.

10/7: Hot Art Wet City, Vancouver, BC. 7:30PM.

10/14: Textile Museum of Canada, Toronto, ON, Amy Singer moderating. 5:30PM.

10/15: University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA, Garth Johnson moderating. 7:30PM.

10/16: Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, MA, Meighan O’Toole moderating. 7PM.

10/17: Brooklyn Craft Company, Brooklyn, NY, Sabrina Gschwandtner moderating. 6:30PM.

10/18: MakeShift Society, Brooklyn, NY, hands-on workshop. 1-3PM. $45.

10/20: Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, DC, Nora Atkinson moderating. 5:30-7:00PM. Free ticket required.

Have a great Monday!