Knack School Webinar #2: Illustration Agents & Contracts with Lisa and Ryan Appleton


Friday, October 7, 2022 from 9-11 am PST

Join Lisa and her agent Ryan Appleton of Co-Loop for an informational and candid conversation about two of the most important topics in the illustration & licensing world: agents and contracts. We’ll discuss what it means to have an illustration and/or licensing agent and the various ways that relationship can look depending on the agent's approach. We’ll also cover pros and cons of having an agent (it's not for everyone) and what to look for if you are interested in finding an agent. The second half of the webinar will focus on illustration contracts: why it's important to have one, what they should include, who is responsible for generating the contract, and why you should never work without one! We'll also point you to resources for building your own boilerplate contract for client work.

Once you purchase the class, you'll receive a Zoom link for the webinar. Please check your email for that link!