Knack School Webinar #1 Replay: Commercial Illustration and Brand Collaborations 101

In this 90 minute recording of a live webinar class for artists, Lisa covers all the basics of setting yourself up to do commercial illustration and brand collaborations. What does it look like to do this kind of work, how to prepare your portfolio, and how to market yourself and your illustrations for this kind of work. You will finish the class with a broader understanding of what it means to do commercial illustration and brand collaborations and how to get yourself in a position to get these kinds of projects. This class is open to anyone interested in this topic! No experience necessary. 

Once you purchase the class, you'll receive a link for the webinar recording within 15 minutes. Please check your email for that link!
This webinar was fantastic! Lisa is clear, detailed and explicit in her communication style. She gives you all of her knowledge and then some. Lisa talked in detail about basic concepts and definitions, royalties, commissions and how much we should be getting paid and she addressed the current realities of social media, what worked for her and what works now. I finished the webinar with clear, executable actions for where to go next with my art business.
Thank you Lisa, I will be back for the next webinar!
-Jane C


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