Lisa Congdon, artist and author of Art Inc: The Essential Guide for Building Your Career as an Artist, is happy to announce the launch of her new three-day intensive online course: I Am An Artist: Taking Charge of your Path to a Thriving Career. The course will run from January 8-10, 2016.

This eCourse is designed for:
+Aspiring artists
+Beginning artists
+More established artists who feel stuck, lost or need a good push

Whether you have been making art your whole life, are just getting started or work a full time job (or anything in between) this class is designed to help you take steps to make art your livelihood — full or part time.


I Am an Artist offers action-oriented, in-depth, interactive exploration, including tools and advice that will help you make concrete strides toward your art business dreams and goals (and if you don’t yet have dreams and goals, we’ll offer tools to help you develop those, too).

Work alongside Lisa for three days as she guides you through live video, engaging reading material, interviews with fellow artists, reflection and planning exercises & tools, and a private community forum for feedback, discussion and questions. Lisa will be an active member of the class, answering questions and giving as much personalized advice to students as she is able.

This class will help you unravel where you are stuck (even the places you may not realize) and move past your fear and perceived limitations and into a thriving creative career.

Through this course you will:
+Build confidence to call yourself an artist without apology
+Think in a new way about what you are capable of accomplishing as an artist
+Learn a diverse set of tools and practices for developing or honing your artistic voice to build and connect with a larger audience for your work
+Focus more deeply on your own journey instead of comparing yourself to others
+Be ready to take more risks
+Begin to build the resilience and flexibility essential to deal with rejection and setbacks
+Embrace imperfection and differences in your own unique path to success
+Understand all of the key building blocks to a profitable art business
+Create a concrete and manageable plan for where you want to go next in your career and know where to start tomorrow




Do you struggle with identifying confidently as an artist?

Or maybe you have no trouble calling yourself an artist, but you doubt you can ever make a profitable & sustainable living from your art?

Do you fear you don’t deserve success because you’re self taught or didn’t get started until later in life?

Do you think you can’t say you’re an artist until you start making money from your work? Are you worried people might think you are trying to be something you’re not?

Do you fear your work isn’t good enough or that you don’t have what it takes?

These kinds of limiting beliefs and fears are damaging. They keep us feeling small and from expressing ourselves fully or living our best lives. While they feel real, they are just perceptions that we adopt from a culture that believes artists must struggle or that being a “real” artist is reserved for some chosen elite. These beliefs can also come from years of negative messages from people in our sphere of influence.

Shedding false and limiting beliefs and into a confident mindset is the first step in taking charge of your path toward a thriving art career.

This first day, you’ll do a no-nonsense & nimble analysis to assess your fears and perceived limitations (and most of us have some, even if we are not aware of them). And then we’ll do some exercises to help you re-frame your beliefs about who you are as an artist and what you are capable of accomplishing.


Once we’ve begun the work of shedding limiting beliefs and fears, we’ll dive into day all about finding your voice. After shifting your mindset, finding your voice is the most essential process in taking charge of your path toward a thriving career. As an artist, you have the opportunity to create your own unique stamp on the world. This is your voice — and it’s a mixture of message, style, and technique. It includes a body of work that is distinct to you, and it also includes how you talk about your work and how you interact with your audience.

Many people have no idea how to find their voice. Others of you have begun the process in earnest but feel stuck. Lisa is here to tell you that it’s not a mysterious, magical process! It simply requires time and dedication.

She will guide you through practical and enjoyable methods you can use every day for finding and honing your voice. As your voice develops you will more easily build an audience for your work, which will lead to the opportunities that will carry your career.

If you approach it with a positive mindset, the process of discovering your voice can be one of the most exciting, empowering experiences you will ever have.


Running a successful art business requires much more than spending time creating beautiful or interesting stuff for people to buy. It also requires creating a prioritized work schedule, your own system for time management, regular pitches to potential partners (and other methods for getting your work into the world), participation on social media and highly professional, timely email communication.

To take deliberate action each day, you must know where you are going. On the final day of the class, you’ll take all of the work you did in Day 1 and Day 2 and you’ll make a concrete and manageable plan for moving forward. To help guide you, Lisa will discuss and answer questions about all of the important building blocks toward running a profitable art business:
+Setting big goals and creating an action plan
+Creating task organization & following a workflow
+Using methods for continually seizing new opportunities
+Developing your marketing & social media prowess
+Mastering email communication with clients and fans

The goal is for you to begin taking action immediately and move forward at a pace that feels exciting but manageable to you.



whatformerstudents say

“Lisa reassured me that my feelings of self-doubt were NORMAL and that action is required to get out of my funk. It feels good to know that I’m not alone and as artists & community is key.”

“Lisa’s style is highly professional yet very accessible. I especially liked the fact that she did not come across as a cheerleader-type, but as a committed, knowledgeable professional who assumed her audience was likewise serious and committed to their work.”

“Thank you, Lisa, for being so open and friendly about sharing your knowledge and experiences with others…it is so generous.”

“I admire Lisa’s work, her ability to promote her creative business in such an engaging way, her incredible work ethic and drive and her ability to share, teach and inspire other burgeoning and established creatives.”

“It’s so nice to hear you speak with such candor about your own struggles and successes. I really admire your artwork and the way that your own authentic voice comes through in everything you create.”

“I wanted to thank you for talking so openly about the struggle to identify as an artist.”

“Lisa Congdon is beyond generous in her ability to share information that will not only guide and educate artists in starting their own business — she has also managed to inspire artists.”

“I feel refreshed, rejuvenated and energized – ready to tackle my action steps… The information you provided was clear, concise, and all delivered without any ego at all.”

Lisa has a really natural ability to put everyone at ease, which enables folks to absorb information and enjoy the experience.”