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Friends, I’ve got a limited number of iPhone 5 cases in my Etsy shop! You can get them here.


Words for the Day :: No. 37



Have a great Thursday, friends!


New Podcast: Accidental Creative


Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 10.49.36 AM

I am so thrilled today to let you know that I was interviewed by Todd Henry for his podcast over at The Accidental Creative. We chatted about several things, most notably the “U” curve in the creative process. You can listen here. Enjoy!

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2014 :: A Sewing Odyssey :: #6



This past Friday I ventured over to my friend Sonya Philip’s sewing studio in San Francisco to make a dress. You may remember that I am working hard this year to not purchase new clothing. My goal is to either sew for myself or buy vintage (for the most part I’ve been successful at this, except for buying a few pairs of pants and one new dress). You can see all of my 2014 sewing projects here.

I have realized the more I sew that I actually have no idea what I am doing half the time! So I’ve decided to take classes and learn as much as possible about sewing techniques. My friend Sonya is a sewing master, and I arranged two one-on-one classes with her. I had my first on Friday, and she guided me as I made the dress pictured above. I learned how to make a proper neckline with bias tape and also got to finish the edges with her serger (and promptly bought a serger of my own — they are magical).

You may also remember that last month I took a block printing class and printed the linen pictured below, which we used to make the dress.


It felt a little scary to cut up this linen that I spent hours printing, but I am so pleased with the result! The back of the dress is plain grey (we used the remaining fabric that I did not print for the back).

If you’ve been a reader of my blog for awhile you may remember that Sonya made me this dress back in 2012 as part of her 100 Acts of Sewing Project. Since I love this dress so much (and wear it all the time), we used the same pattern (designed specially for me by Sonya) to make the block printed dress this past Friday.


I plan to make another of this same dress next week out of some Nani Iro Japanese double gauze fabric I bought recently. Stay tuned for that. I’m on a sewing roll again.

Have a great Tuesday, friends.


I’m Giving a Talk in New York City



New York & NY Area friends: I’m giving a talk in Manhattan on September 18th at 6:30 pm called I Am An Artist: On Ownership & Other Enterprising Acts. This talk at CUE Art Foundation (on West 25th Street) will be followed by a book signing of Art Inc & cocktails. Space is limited and you can purchase tickets here (free to CUE members!).

Hope to see you there!


My Newsletter + Micron Giveaway


Friends, I am so excited to team up with Pigma Micron. Not only am I a featured artist on their brand new site — and not only have Microns been my pen of choice for many years — but I am sponsoring a giveaway of Micron Pens! The best news of all? The winner of this giveaway will receive a Pigma Artist Gift set! This 59 Piece Pigma Artist Gift Set contains one of every point size and color in our Pigma MicronPigma Graphic, and Pigma Brush lines of pens (valued at $170).

Okay, so here are the rules to enter:

+No purchase necessary!
+For shipping purposes, you must be a resident of the US or Canada to enter
+You must be over 13 years old
+You must enter by this Friday, August 29th by 12 midnight PST.

To enter your name in the giveaway, all you have to do is sign up for my email newsletter here. I send out my email newsletter only once every 4-6 weeks with information about things like shop sales, speaking events, book signings and classes. It’s a great way to stay informed about time sensitive information. Don’t like it? Just unsubscribe.

I will select and announce a winner on Monday, September 1, 2014. I’ll contact the winner personally and arrange for the prize to be sent! Simple as can be.

Microns are the best pens on the planet. Some of the work I have made with Pigma Microns:

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 7.41.52 AM

Hope everyone has a good Monday.


Words for the Day :: No. 36



Happy end-of-the-week to you. We got through it. Whew.


Four Squared Show at Arc Gallery



Friends, I’m included in a really interesting — and what should be a really visually beautiful — show in San Francisco that opens this weekend at Arc Gallery (located at 1246 Folsom St, SF). The show, Four Squared, in its fifth season, is a unique exploration of the works of sixteen Bay Area artists. Each of the artists has produced sixteen small works, presented in sixteen clusters giving the audience the experience of sixteen micro solo exhibitions. All works are priced under $500. Each work can be purchased individually or as a collection.

My sixteen paintings are the smallest in the show at 4×4 inches each! You can see my 16 paintings arranged in their proper grid, above.


Four Squared opens this Saturday, August 23rd, from 7-10PM. The reception is open to the public and I encourage you to come and take a look, especially if you are interested in purchasing any of my small works (which are priced at $150 each). I’ll be at the reception from about 6:30-8 pm if you’d like to come say hello! The show closes on September 23rd and you can view it during open gallery

Featured artists include John Arbuckle, Lisa Congdon, Monica & Robin Denevan, Rebecca Fox, Paul Gibson, Joseph Kowalczyk, Lisa Levine & Peter Tonnigsen, Saundra McPherson, Howard Munson, Miwako Nishizawa, Sawyer Rose, Tim Svenonius, Kirsten Tradowsky, Truong Tran, Heather Wilcoxon, and Jan Wurm.

The show was curated by Arc Gallery partners, Michael Yochum & Matthew Frederick. Michael Yochum is the author of SF Art News, which maintains an exhaustive list of art events and openings in San Francisco. Matthew Frederick is founder of Art Farm, an artist collective in the Mission, where he maintains his studio.


Have a great Thursday and hope to see you Saturday at Arc Gallery!


New Letterpress Print & Art Inc. Now in my Shop!



Friends, I’m so happy to announce that I am now offering signed copies of  my new book Art Inc. in my Etsy shop! You can purchase them here. I do ship these overseas!

I’m also offering for the first time online this limited edition letterpress print, hand lettered by me and printed by SF Letterpress shop The Aesthetic Union. Get it here.


Have a great Wednesday!


Wallblank Printery


Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 7.46.32 AM917155_311219819041923_1845046385_n

{My Voyage of Discovery print, printed by Wallblank Printery}

Many of you ask from time to to how I make my prints. Since 2008, I have owned and used an Epson 3800 printer, and I make all of my open edition (non limited edition) prints on that piece of fine machinery (I highly recommend the Epson 3800 series of printers). But recently I decided I would like to begin selling sets of limited edition prints at an even higher quality on even fancier paper than I use for my open edition prints. I also decided that I wanted to use a print house to make them for me instead of printing them myself. After several recommendations from friends, I decided to go with the amazing Wallblank Printery.

Why I love Wallblank:
+Great customer service. Shawn (who basically IS Wallblank) answers all your questions and emails with a personal touch and promptly. He won’t send out an order till it’s perfect.
+Gorgeous print quality. Shawn uses large format Epson printers, but an even higher caliber than my 3800, so the ink quality is rich, even the blacks look like velvet.
+Beautiful paper choices. I chose a German Etching paper for my prints, which has the quality of textured watercolor paper. It’s lovely both to touch and look at. But Shawn has lots of paper options for you, which he’s glad to tell you about.

Shawn at Wallblank has been in business now for SIX years now and to celebrate, he’s offering a SIX FOR SIX deal: Get six 11×14 inch prints for only $6 each! This is a fantastic deal! This offer expires on August 31, so act fast.


Have a great Tuesday, friends! You can get my Wallblank-printed limited editions over here in my shop.


Words for the Day :: No. 35




One of the questions I am asked most often is how – as a working artist – I deal with things like comparison, disappointment, self doubt & rejection. I have talked before about the idea of charting your own path & living your own life and even touched on it last week toward the end of this live interview. Recently, I found the quote above by Anton Chekhov, and thought it perfectly summed up what I less eloquently try to say.

Art making, while enormously rewarding, can also be rife with disappointment and feelings of vulnerability. The idea is to make friends with the struggle and continue (stubbornly) on your own path. I’ve written before about this idea of embracing difficulty and fear (and talked about it in this lecture). I think it’s enormously important.

I also think it’s important to remember that everyone struggles with self doubt and angst, even extremely successful & well known artists like Gerhard Richter — just watch this touching documentary about him and you will see how vulnerable he is about his work.

Have a good Monday, friends.


New Class with Lisa Solomon!



Are you an artist just starting out? Are you interested in preparing yourself to enter the fine art gallery world or apply for a grant, residency or an MFA program? My friend, artist Lisa Solomon (known best for her beautiful thread and crotchet installations) is offering a workshop at KALA Art Institute in Berkeley, CA about developing your artist packet.

The artist packet is the foundation for your application to grad school, grants, residencies, gallery exhibitions, and more. In this course Lisa will take you through the components you’ll need and how to put them together in a professional and compelling way. Lisa, featured also in my new book, Art Inc. is a fantastic teacher and a prolific, experienced and successful artist. You can register for her class here.


More about Lisa She is best known for her work that questions and deconstructs the meaning of identity through the exploration of mediums traditionally associated with domestic crafts. She received her BA from UC Berkeley and her MFA from Mills College. Profoundly interested in the idea of hybridization, she is drawn to found objects and imagery altering them conceptually so that their meanings and original uses or intents are re-purposed. She uses embroidery and crochet in her work frequently. In 2012 she authored “Knot Thread Stitch: exploring creativity through embroidery and mixed media”. She has shown both nationally and internationally in venues such as the San Jose Museum of Art, the Walter Maciel Gallery in Los Angeles, CA, Nicoletta Rusconi Gallery in Milan, Italy, the Koumi Machi Museum in the Nagano prefecture of Japan, and Garson Baker Gallery in NY. Born in Tuscon, AZ to a Japanese mother and a Caucasian father, she now lives and works in Oakland, California with her husband, daughter, a pit bull, a French bulldog, a 3-legged cat, a stumpy tail cat, and many, many spools of thread.


CreativeLive Interview




As part of my book launch for Art Inc, I recorded an hour long interview through CreativeLive. Last Tuesday Meg Ilasco interviewed me in front of a live studio audience about how I got started making art, managing my workload, my personal projects, and a range of other art-making & art-career related topics. You can watch the interview for free right here (scroll down to see the video link).

I’m also going to be teaching a business class with CreativeLive at the end of September. Stay tuned for more information on that next week!

Have a great weekend.



New Podcast :: What’s Your Story



Friends, it’s launch week for my latest book Art Inc, so I’m posting all of the different podcasts I’ve recorded recently (see category Podcasts for all of them). Last week I sat down with my friend Meighan O’Toole (who, by the way, is an amazing social media and digital strategist for creative brands) to record for her new podcast series What’s Your Story. We talked about the information I share in my new book and a lot about my own experience with social media, self doubt, and community.

Folks who have been following along with my work for awhile might remember this podcast I recorded with Meighan in 2011 where I talk more about how I got started as an artist.

You can listen to the new 30-ish minute podcast over here.

Happy listening and have an excellent Friday.

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Words for the Day :: No. 34



I want to thank EVERYONE for all your kind words, tweets, Instagram photos, Facebook and blog posts, emails and messages about Art Inc. Book release day on Tuesday was a great success.

Hope everyone is having a good Thursday.