Illustration in Martha Stewart Living :: May ’14



I was so excited last week when my second illustration for Martha Stewart Living Magazine came out in the May issue. You may recall that last year I did this little piece for them (which was also really fun).

The story is about the mental health benefits of kindness. Here is a close up of the illustration & the cover of the current issue:



Have a great Monday, friends.


Oakland Book Signing This Saturday!



Friends, I’m having another Bay Area signing, and this one is in my current home town of Oakland! Come out to Nathan & Company’s College Avenue shop this Saturday, May 3, any time between 1-2:30, and I’ll be there to say hello and sign your copy (the store will have copies on hand for purchase). Oh, and Wilfredo will be making a special appearance at this signing, so if you’d like to meet him (or me), now’s your chance!

Have a great week!


Will Taylor :: Bright Bazaar



About two years ago I met Will Taylor online, probably on Twitter or Instagram (I can’t remember exactly). Since 2009, Will has kept a blog called Bright Bazaar, on which he writes prolifically about interior design and his commodious love for color. Aside from having a really fantastic eye for design, Will is simply one of the most genuinely authentic and kind people you will ever meet on the interwebs. One of the most exciting things that’s happened recently for those of us who love Will and his bold aesthetic is that he’s recently written a beautiful book. The book, called (aptly) Bright Bazaar: Embracing Color for Make-You-Smile Style (St. Martins, 2014), features not only Will’s own gorgeous home in the UK, but the homes of many people who revere and use color in magnificent ways. Lucky for us, it’s released TUESDAY, April 29 in the US! I got an advance copy and I can’t want to share some of it with you.


In his book, Will offers recipes for “Color Cocktails” and their coordinating mood boards (see the amazing examples above and below for “Tangerine Dream” and “The Citrus Twist”), along with step by step advice to create color-filled rooms. This book is particularly great for people who love the idea of using color but are intimidated to decorate with it.


Almost every inch of this 191 page coffee-table-sized book was gorgeously photographed in bold color by ultra talented Andrew Boyd. The text is super easy to follow, accessible and light-hearted, just like decorating should be! Bright Bazaar is organized not only by color family (there is even a section on decorating in black and white) but also by room, like home offices (see below). There is even a section on outdoor spaces.



Will is currently on tour in the US and signing books all over! Check his blog for when he might be in your neck of the woods.

I leave you now with this photo of Will, because a) it’s adorable and b) behind this stunning book is a real person, who works really hard and does it all with a generous heart. Oh, and he’s go amazing style himself, wouldn’t you say?


{photo of Will by Kiana Underwood}

Thank you for being you, Will, and thank you for making this book! Friends, you can get it here and in most bookstores.

Have a happy weekend, friends.

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New Abstract Work



{April Revelry, 24×24 inches, acrylic and gold leaf on wood}

I have been busy at the studio preparing for my upcoming show at Marion & Rose’s Workshop here in Oakland. The show includes about 25 abstract paintings, ranging in size from 5×7 inches to 24×36 inches. It opens May 2, and the opening party (all are welcome) will be held May 10 from 4-7 pm. All of the work will be available through Marion & Rose’s Workshop starting May 2.


{Fête, 24×36 inches, acrylic and gold leaf on wood}


{Broken Wheels, acrylic on wood, 24×24 inches}

Have a great Thursday, friends. If you are in San Francisco, I hope to see you at my book signing tonight!


Thank You



{I carved a stamp! More on my adventures in stamp carving and block printing coming soon.}

I wanted to take a moment today to say thank you to the people who read my blog and support my work. I get many amazing emails every week, and I don’t always have time to respond to them all (or at least respond quickly). I appreciate each of them, and all of the encouragement and interest that is included in them. I am also grateful for all of the love and support you give on Facebook, on Twitter and Instagram. And then there are the good people who contact me because they are interested in hiring me to illustrate things, to invest in my talents or to collaborate with me in some way.

Ten years ago I never could have imagined that I would be doing what I do every day. And without you — the people who read my blog, buy my work & books, take my classes, pay me to draw things for you and spread the word about what I do — I would not be here. So thank you!!!

Off to ship Etsy orders (and use my new THANK YOU stamp).

Have a great Wednesday.


SF Book Launch & Signing Thursday!



Just a reminder that my San Francisco Book Launch and Signing Party is happening at Rare Device this Thursday, April 24 from 6-8 pm! All welcome & I hope to see you there!

Happy Tuesday.

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2014 :: A Sewing Odyssey :: #4



If you’ve been following along here, you know that I’ve committed not to buy any new clothing in 2014, and instead only to buy second hand or to make my own. And last week I made the fourth item in my Sewing Odyssey project! To make the dress, I used Ed Emberley’s “Scribbles” fabric in black on white with Marikmekko fabric on the pockets (I get scraps of Marimekko fabric at the Crate and Barrel Outlet in Berkeley, CA). My necklace is by the amazingly talented Emily Green.

I used Sonya Philip’s Dress #2 Pattern. You may recall that I wrote a few times about Sonya’s 100 Acts of Sewing Project back in 2012. Sonya is a huge inspiration to me, not only for her dress project, but in life in general. Someday I hope to be as prolific, talented and innovative at the sewing machine as she is!

Sonya’s Dress #2 pattern is a very simple pattern; unlike the first dress I made (which had gussets on the sides) this one has just a front and back, two sleeves and two pockets. It requires about 2.5-3 yards of fabric. The sleeves were a tiny bit tricky to fit perfectly in the armholes, but with patience you’ll get them. It was also recommended to me after I sewed the dress not to sew the sides of the dress until the sleeves are fitted in so that you can get a perfect, pucker-free fit where sleeves and armholes meet. I recommend if you’ve never sewn a dress with sleeves before to start with Sonya’s Dress Pattern #1, which is sleeveless (also available in her shop).

In the end, it’s a bit more of a tunic than a dress (to wear with leggings or pants underneath), but that’s just what I like, so I am very happy with it! I think if I make this dress again, I might play around with length and also adjusting the sleeves so they flare a bit more at the ends.

Next month, I’m going to make a skirt by drafting my own pattern. I’m taking Cal Patch’s amazing pattern drafting class on Creativebug, and am so excited about beginning to make clothes that fit my specific measurements.

Have a great Monday!

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Words for the Day :: No. 20



In honor of one of my favorite writers. May he rest in peace!


Life is a Bowl of Cherries :: New Print & Shop Sale!



Friends, I’m having a four day sale in my Etsy Shop! 15% off on any item with coupon code BOWLOFCHERRIES. The sale ends Monday, April, 21 at 6 pm PST.

To boot, I’ve added a new print to the shop, pictured above. This print goes well with You’re a Peach, too!

And don’t forget to enter the discount code BOWLOFCHERRIES for anything in my shop, including this available original piece.

Happy Friday!


Pattern of the Week!



This week’s pattern is based on a traditional herringbone, with a twist. You can see many of the patterns I’ve created here.

Enjoy! And happy Thursday.

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Hello Sunshine :: New Print



In honor of the arrival of warmer weather, I am so happy to add to my shop this new print: Hello Sunshine. You can purchase it here.
Have a great Monday, everyone!


Embrace the Abyss Talk :: Now Online




Many of you have been asking about the talk I’ve been giving over the last couple of months called Embrace the Abyss and Other Lessons, and a recording of it is now online. This version was recorded last week at TYPO International Design Conference in San Francisco, where I gave the talk for the last time (I’ve also previously given versions of the same talk at the Nevada Museum of Art in February and at as the keynote address at Craftcation Conference in early April). Here it is (gulp) with all its imperfections. It’s about 42 minutes. Enjoy.


New York Book Signing & Class



New York friends! I’m coming to you! Two events:

1) Wednesday, May 21, 2014 at Makeshift Society, Brooklyn, I’ll be teaching my professional illustration class (see below for more info). You can sign up here.

2) Thursday, May 22, 2014, also at Makeshift Society BK, a book signing party for Whatever You Are, Be a Good One. At that event, copies of my book will be for sale, I’ll be signing and there will be beverages and treats! I hope you will come! See the flyer above for address & other info. You can RSVP here on Facebook.

More about the May 21 Professional Illustration Class in Brooklyn:


I am teaching a professional practice class about being an illustrator –including information on the life & work of the freelance illustrator, different illustration markets, and tips on how to successfully promote your work to garner consistent, fun, paying illustration & licensing work. This particular class is in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (at Makeshift Society) on May 21 from  7-9 pm. You can sign up here.

Space is limited, so sign up early!

Have a great Monday!


Corita Kent & Happy Weekend



Last week when I was in the beautiful city of Ventura, I stumbled into the most amazing used book store (one of the most amazing I’ve ever been in, in fact). And I found (without really looking) this first edition book of poetry by Gerald Huckaby illustrated by Corita Kent (aka Sister Corita). You may recall that last year I hand lettered Sister Corita’s Art Department Rules, and I have been on a hunt for her iconic work (in whatever form & state I can find it) as I am in stores and flea markets. So I was really excited to find this book. BTW: they had different Corita Kent book that was signed, but it was a wee bit out of my price range! Anyhow, the inside of City, Uncity is even more glorious than the beautiful cover, pictured above. Here’s a sample spread:


This spread just happens to be oriented vertically, but most spreads in the book are regular horizontal spreads. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for other Corita Kent books and posters as I’m out and about these days.

On an entirely different note, this morning I spoke at TYPO Design Conference in SF and it was a great experience! Many of you have been asking, and my talk was recorded, so when it’s up for viewing on the internet, I’ll let you know.

Have a happy weekend, everyone!

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Pattern of the Week!



Introducing Arches — this week’s repeat pattern (seen here in two difference versions).

Tomorrow I am off to TYPO International Design Conference, where I am speaking on Friday. I’m taking tomorrow off from the blog, but am going to check in Friday about the conference, so stay tuned!

Have a great Wednesday, friends!