Experiments in Blue // Week 37



This week’s Experiment in Blue, was really an experiment in a) painting on a clay board surface (without applying gesso first) and b) using a bit of maroon in one of the rainbows (a color I rarely use).

The results? I remembered why I don’t normally paint on clay board: it’s extremely smooth and so paint doesn’t stick really well to it. Some would say “it has no teeth!” So it’s super difficult to get paint to go on opaque (even paint that goes on opaque on other more toothy surfaces), even after several layers.

The maroon? I like it! I think I’ll use it again (though next time not on clay board). I like the way it contrasts with the blues. pink and yellow that I normally use.

Sometimes pieces don’t come out very in pristine condition, and this is one of them. But I always learn something from my process, especially when I try new things, even when the result is not show-worthy. And that was certainly the case this week!

Cheers to learning from the process.

Have a great week!


Experiments in Blue // Week 36



Hello friends, here is this week’s Experiment in Blue! A painting I made this week with acrylic paint on wood. It’s 8×10 inches.

How is it already week 36 of 52? I have no idea! You can see all my Experiments in Blue from 2016 here.

Hope everyone has a great week. I’ll be back tomorrow with a brand new interview with someone I admire.


Experiments in Blue // Week 34



This week’s Experiment in Blue is a continuation of a body of work I started way back in January (inspired by 1970’s graphic design). I abandoned for awhile (or simply got sidetracked!). You can see & read about the original pieces I painted in the collection here (toward the bottom of the post). I’ll be continuing this series now for a show I’ll be having this Spring. I am very excited because these pieces require a large compass to create the circle and arch shapes and I finally got my hands on one!

Have a great week, friends!


Sketchbook Roundup: France Edition!



{PS: I learned after I drew this that the wording above should be La Chèvre, not Le Chèvre! My apologies!}

One of my favorite times to draw in my sketchbook is while I am traveling, especially when I am traveling alone (by the way, if you are interested, I wrote an essay on traveling alone which you can read here).

Last month I traveled in France for two weeks (to Paris, Nice and Antibes), and I drew several spreads while I meandered through these cities (though truthfully I don’t draw WHILE I am meandering). I love observing what is around me — architecture, animals, plant life, people, the general vibe of a place — and then drawing my interpretation. Here are some of the spreads I made on this trip:










Do you dream of keeping a sketchbook but don’t know where to start? I offer two different sketchbook classes to give you a jumpstart. You can take Sketchbook Explorations here or More Sketchbook Explorations here (both via Creativebug, which is a subscription online class platform for only a few dollars a month). I also teach several other classes at Creativebug. You can see all of my offerings here.

Happy sketchbooking!


Experiments in Blue // Week 32



Hello friends! This week’s Experiment in Blue (above) is inspired by blue and white transferware. This piece is made with acrylic paint on a hard 8×10 panel. I plan on expanding this series over the next few months.

You may have noticed that I haven’t been writing and posting on this blog as often as I normally do. I think all of the travel I’ve been doing has pushed my blog to the back burner. But I miss being here, and I plan to come back with loads of new content starting this week! Stay tuned.

Hope everyone is having a great week!