Experiments in Blue // Week 18



This past weekend was the first time in my Experiments in Blue year-long personal challenge that I considered throwing in the towel & quitting. What am I doing trying to pull of this year long experiment when I am so busy with other work? I had hit a wall with this week’s painting (er, experiment) and was *THIS CLOSE* to ending the project at 18 weeks (with 36 weeks left to go). But… instead, I took a deep breath and decided to try to finish the painting. And I’m not sure I like it or if it’s even finished. But I didn’t quit, and I guess that’s what’s important for now. Onward!

Happy Monday! And you can see all of my Experiments so far this year here.


New Print in the Shop!



I’m so happy to announce the addition of this brand new print to the shop. It’s called Rainbow Trifecta, and it’s available here in 11×14 inches, ready to frame. Great for a kids room or any bright and modern room in your house!

Happy Tuesday! Oh, and through the end of today I’m having a 15% off sale with coupon code MOMRULES. So get yours today!


Experiments in Blue // Week 15



I had so much fun with this week’s Experiment in Blue! My work has long been Scandinavian and folk influenced, and this week was super fun taking some of my usual markings and inserting them into a new context: the image of a dress!

You can also view a short video of me painting this piece here.

Happy Monday!


Experiments in Blue // Week 14



This week’s Experiment in Blue is an abstract homage to water, mountains and sunshine. We had a beautiful weekend here in Portland and I was obviously feeling the brightness of spring fever!

This piece is made with acrylic paints on a 12×16 inch wood panel.

To see all of my pieces from this 2016 Experiments in Blue project, just click here.

Happy Monday!


Experiments in Blue // Week 13



On Saturday I spent a couple of hours drawing then painting this piece for my Experiments in Blue series. I love hand imagery and so playing around with hand shapes in the form of a pattern was a lot of fun! This piece is about 12×16 inches, watercolor on paper.

Happy Monday, friends.