Experiments in Blue: Week 48 (and 47)



Hello friends! Hope everyone had a great holiday (at least those of you in the U.S.). I am here to share with you my latest Experiment in Blue  (Week 48) and also to admit that I barely (and admittedly lazily) completed Week 47. More on that in a minute.

Suffice it to say, I am losing focus on this year-long project, which typically happens at the end of a year-long project! But I swear I’ll finish! Four more weeks!

ANYHOW, above you can see this week’s drawing. It’s part of a new series of work that I am making — all vintage packaging (which I love). You can see all of these paintings as I create and post them over on Instagram.

Below is my lazy Week 47 Experiment. I was having a hard time motivating for a few weeks there in general, especially when it came to making art. Instead of creating nothing, I managed to make a simple sketchbook spread the night before Thanksgiving (as I dreamed of all the stuff I’d book cooking the next day). Not my most scintillating work, but…life. I am happy to report, my motivation for making new work has returned in the last few days! So you should be seeing more from me in the coming weeks.

Creative block: it happens to all of us!


I’ll be back on Monday with Week 49! Stay tuned!


Experiments in Blue: Week 45



This week’s Experiment in Blue is a large painting at 3 feet by 4 feet! It’s one of the largest paintings I’ve made in a long time. Here you can see my latest collection beginning to form in my new painting studio:


Hoping everyone has a great week!


Experiments in Blue: Week 44



This week’s Experiment in Blue: 8×10 inches, acrylic on wood. Can’t wait to share more from this new series I’m working on!


Experiments in Blue: Week 43



In case you missed my mentioning it before, I just moved into a brand new studio that will be dedicated entirely (and only) to my fine art (aka painting) practice. I realized I needed to work bigger and bigger and bigger and that my illustration studio was too small for painting. So I’ve moved into a new space in Portland and have been heading over there a few days a week to just PAINT.

I’m nearly finished with the painting pictured above (it still needs some touch ups in some parts), but it’s finished enough to qualify as this week’s Experiment in Blue. I’ve been using white as my background/negative space for years and years, and decided to begin changing that up recently. And I started with blue, of course. I forgot to measure this pieces, but I think it’s about three feet by five feet (much larger than my usual pieces). I’m super excited about working on some larger panels now. You can see a video of me working in my new studio here. Working large is so liberating. Scale changes so much about paintings!

I’m preparing for two shows in the next two years — one in 2017 in NYC and one in 2018 in Southern California. So most of the work I’m making now in my studio will go first to my show in NY. As soon as I have a date and location, I’ll let you know!

Hope everyone has a great week. Happy Monday!



Experiments in Blue: Week 42



This week’s Experiment in Blue is another larger piece (see last week’s for another), this one 22×30 inches. I painted this piece as I went, without sketching it in pencil first, which was also an experiment! This piece was made with gouache and a tiny bit of white gel pen for details!

I hope everyone is having a great week!