Experiments in Blue: Week 43



In case you missed my mentioning it before, I just moved into a brand new studio that will be dedicated entirely (and only) to my fine art (aka painting) practice. I realized I needed to work bigger and bigger and bigger and that my illustration studio was too small for painting. So I’ve moved into a new space in Portland and have been heading over there a few days a week to just PAINT.

I’m nearly finished with the painting pictured above (it still needs some touch ups in some parts), but it’s finished enough to qualify as this week’s Experiment in Blue. I’ve been using white as my background/negative space for years and years, and decided to begin changing that up recently. And I started with blue, of course. I forgot to measure this pieces, but I think it’s about three feet by five feet (much larger than my usual pieces). I’m super excited about working on some larger panels now. You can see a video of me working in my new studio here. Working large is so liberating. Scale changes so much about paintings!

I’m preparing for two shows in the next two years — one in 2017 in NYC and one in 2018 in Southern California. So most of the work I’m making now in my studio will go first to my show in NY. As soon as I have a date and location, I’ll let you know!

Hope everyone has a great week. Happy Monday!



Experiments in Blue: Week 42



This week’s Experiment in Blue is another larger piece (see last week’s for another), this one 22×30 inches. I painted this piece as I went, without sketching it in pencil first, which was also an experiment! This piece was made with gouache and a tiny bit of white gel pen for details!

I hope everyone is having a great week!


Experiments in Blue: Week 41



In some ways this week’s Experiment in Blue is an experiment in two ways. Sure, I’m playing with blues here, but I’m also playing with scale. I’ve decided that next year — 2017 — is going to be my year to go big. In fact, I just moved my fine art to a new studio where I’ll have more space to work on larger paper and panels in preparation for the two shows I’l be having in the next two years. For the record, my illustration studio will remain where it is. I’m super excited about this opportunity.

Monday night I had some time to myself and since I hadn’t yet made a blue piece for the week, I ventured out to my studio to make something. Just a few days before, I’d purchased a pack of large 22×30 inch watercolor paper and decided to start there. I began by creating a pattern of circles across the paper and then turned them into giant flowers using black ink. It was messy working that large (I’m definitely embracing messy), but I had a blast and got lost in finishing.

Watch out for more larger pieces from me!

Happy Wednesday, friends!


Experiments in Blue // Week 37



This week’s Experiment in Blue, was really an experiment in a) painting on a clay board surface (without applying gesso first) and b) using a bit of maroon in one of the rainbows (a color I rarely use).

The results? I remembered why I don’t normally paint on clay board: it’s extremely smooth and so paint doesn’t stick really well to it. Some would say “it has no teeth!” So it’s super difficult to get paint to go on opaque (even paint that goes on opaque on other more toothy surfaces), even after several layers.

The maroon? I like it! I think I’ll use it again (though next time not on clay board). I like the way it contrasts with the blues. pink and yellow that I normally use.

Sometimes pieces don’t come out very in pristine condition, and this is one of them. But I always learn something from my process, especially when I try new things, even when the result is not show-worthy. And that was certainly the case this week!

Cheers to learning from the process.

Have a great week!


Experiments in Blue // Week 36



Hello friends, here is this week’s Experiment in Blue! A painting I made this week with acrylic paint on wood. It’s 8×10 inches.

How is it already week 36 of 52? I have no idea! You can see all my Experiments in Blue from 2016 here.

Hope everyone has a great week. I’ll be back tomorrow with a brand new interview with someone I admire.