Experiments in Blue // Week 25



Today is my last day in London — and I know I promised some travel photos a week ago and haven’t delivered. You know when you travel and you think you will have loads of down time and then you don’t? Well, that’s what happened to me! But I hope to share some later this week! It’s been a wonderful week.

For now I share with you this week’s Experiment in Blue, which I painted today in my little apartment here with my travel watercolor set, and it’s dedicated to the 49 victims of the Orlando massacre — who have been weighing heavily on my heart for the past nine days.

Tomorrow I head back home to Portland. I’ll see you back there in a couple of days!


Experiments in Blue // Week 23



This week’s Experiment in Blue is an ode to summer — summer fruit, flowers and bright cheery colors. I’m also headed to France in July so I added a little French “good day” as well.

Happy summer, all!


Experiments in Blue // Week 22



Yesterday I was inspired to paint a floral motif for this week’s Experiment in Blue. I draw flowers a lot but I don’t often paint them, and so this was a true experiment. I really had fun doing it, and I plan to keep working on my watercolor floral motifs! This piece was made mostly with watercolor paints and a touch of gouache.

I hope everyone in the U.S. has a nice and relaxing Memorial Day holiday. The weather here in Portland should be lovely! My best to everyone.

Tomorrow I’m back with a new interview with someone I admire. Stay tuned for that!


New Print in the Shop!



Friends, I’m so happy to release a new print into the shop! It’s called Springtime Friends and it’s available for sale here! Brighten up your home with this beauty!

Happy Thursday!


Experiments in Blue // Week 21



Hello friends! Can you believe we are almost 1/2 way through the year? I realized that this morning when I write Experiments in Blue: Week 21 in the subject line above.

Yesterday I sat down to paint this week’s experiment. I drew the general composition lightly in pencil first and then squirted some of my trusty watercolors on my palette to add color. I never quite know which colors will go where when I begin!

You can check out all of my weekly Experiments in Blue for this year here.

Speaking of watercolor: stay tuned tomorrow for an interview with watercolor artist (and amazing illustrator) — my friend, Samantha Hahn.

Happy Monday!