Be You Tee is Back!



Friends, I am excited to announce that my Be You Tee is available again through Cotton Bureau! Are you the “pink sheep” of your family? The weirdo? The one who is always different? Or maybe you just like sheep! Then this shirt is for you!

We are also offering a tank top right now, so grab yours today! Sale of these shirts ends in two weeks, so don’t wait!



Work for the UNITED NATIONS!



Every now and again, dream jobs come flying into my inbox. Recently, I was contacted by some folks at none other than the, um, United Nations. That’s right, the intergovernmental organization to promote international co-operation.

Today begins the push to let the world know about the World Humanitarian Summit, and they asked me to create artwork that exemplified one of the four principles of this year’s summit:

+Prevent and End Conflict
+Respect Rules of War
+Leave No One Behind
+Working Differently to End Need
+Invest in Humanity

You can read more about the responsibilities here. I created the piece above for Responsibility #3 and today you can see it on all of the United Nations social media channels! Leaving no one behind embodies the true spirit of humanitarianism: making sure that those most at risk of displacement, violence, abuse and poverty have an abundance of protection, support, education and resources!

Have a great day, friends, and don’t forget to spread the word about the Summit!


New MoMA Notebooks!



I’m so excited to tell you about a new notebook set (three total) that I have with The Museum of Modern Art in New York! They are part of the Things I Saw and Loved collection for MoMA. I have a limited quantity in my Etsy Shop and you can also purchase them directly through the Museum Store. The set includes drawings of items from the museum’s design collection (best drawing assignment ever).

Have a great Wednesday!


Collaboration with Trina Turk!



I am so excited to share with you the results of a collaboration with fashion designer Trina Turk! Trina (who I befriended on Instagram in around 2014) wrote to me last year and told me that she loved the drawing that is pictured below. She wanted to know if we could work together to turn it into a pattern that would adorn some clothes in her Spring 2016 collection. I love Trina’s bold use of color and iconic Palm Springs style, so I immediately said YES.


I gave permission for Trina to alter the colors a bit, and VOILA! Crazy dresses and suits for both men and women were born!  You can view the entire collection here.


Thank you Trina and Mr. Turk! You guys were so great to work with!


Little Village Wallpaper Makeover



Last week I did a little makeover on the entryway of my Portland home using my brand new Little Village Wallpaper from Chasing Paper & some blue paint, and I’m pretty happy with how it came out!

First thing to know is that this wallpaper (all wallpaper from Chasing Paper) is REMOVABLE and comes in sheets that you apply like contact paper. So applying it was a snap (so easy), and when I want to change the space again someday, it will be easy to remove as well. I also love wallpaper in small spaces as accents, and that’s exactly how I used it here — in this little space below my stairwell leading to the second floor of the house. We painted the opposite wall a rich blue, hung some art from our collection, and whoooooosh, a new entryway.

It can be intimidating to use wallpaper in an entire room, but it’s almost never necessary to paper an entire room (though I also think rooms covered in wallpaper are truly amazing also). I like to choose a wall or a small nook or the space behind built-in shelving. My patterns are great because they add a pop of color and whimsy, and because they are all only one color on white, they are not too visually complicated or distracting. They look great in bathrooms and kitchens too!


You can purchase my Little Village paper in three different colorways here. You can also view & purchase my other two designs from Chasing Paper here. Later this month I’ll be papering one of my bathrooms in Poppy (the pattern below, far right) in red, so stay tuned for images of that! I can’t wait!


Have you used any of my wallpaper patterns from Chasing Paper in your own home? Show me what you’ve done by sending me an email at! I’d love to see it!

Have a great Monday, friends! And happy wallpapering.