Words for the Day :: No. 60



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Words for the Day :: No. 59



I wanted to say thank you today to everyone who emailed, shared and commented on my Facebook fan page & on Twitter on this post from last week. Your sentiments are heartfelt. Here’s to defining our own lives!

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Words for the Day // No. 58



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Words for the Day // No. 57



Today’s wise words brought to you by Stephen King. These words will appear in my next book of hand lettered quotes.

I’m headed this morning to Summit Powder Mountain for a week-long artist residency. I’ll be taking photos there all week and documenting the progress on the mural I’ll be painting. You can follow along over on Instagram.

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New Work for Airbnb


Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 7.29.34 AM

Every now and again I get to work for a serious dream client — a company who has a really great mission & vision, a clean aesthetic & beautiful brand, and is filled with nice people. Recently I got to work for one such company, Airbnb, the community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world. I used Airbnb when I traveled to Scandinavia back in 2012 and had a really fantastic experience. I plan to use them again when I travel to Spain and Portugal later this year.

Yesterday Airbnb posted an interview with me on their blog about the work I did for them & my own thoughts on travel in their Makers profile series. They also shared some of the work I did for them, which you can also see below. Pop over here to take a look!







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My Next Book :: Fortune Favors the Brave!



Friends, as you may know, I’ve been working on a 2nd book of hand lettered quotes (a follow up to Whatever You Are, Be a Good One), focused on bravery. I’m so excited to show you the cover today and let you know that it will be out in August/September of this year. I’ll let you know this summer when it’s available for pre-order. I plan also to do some book signings, so stay tuned!

Many of the quotes from this book have been featured here as Words for the Day over the last few months, so you can get a preview of what’s included in this new volume.

Have a great weekend, friends!


Guest Instagrammer for Sakura of America



Friends, this week I’m guest Instagrammer for my favorite pen company, Sakura of America, over on their Instagram account. I am going to be sharing some of the ways I work with Sakura products, both in my sketchbook and in my work as an illustrator. I hope you will come follow along!

If you haven’t seen it already, don’t forget to take a look at my post about the giveaway that Sakura is holding this week in honor of National Handwriting Day!

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National Handwriting Day // Giveaway!



Friends, did you know it is National Handwriting Day? To celebrate, my favorite pen company Sakura is holding a week-long Instagram giveaway. To be considered, write your favorite quote on a piece of paper and post your image on Instagram using the hashtag #handwritesakura. Special points if you use a Sakura pen to create your masterpiece!

On January 30, Sakura will choose 7 winners to receive a prize consisting of the items in pictured above. The giveaway is open to residents of the US and Canada, and you must be over 13 to participate.

The full rules are listed here.

On a separate but related note, I’m guest Instagrammer for Sakura starting Monday, so stay tuned over at their Instagram feed!

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Words for the Day // No. 56



One of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite writers.

May we all live our truth.

Happy Wednesday, friends.



Words for the Day // No. 55



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Words for the Day :: No. 54



A little lettering & illustration work I did for my client Airbnb this past year.

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Happy Holidays & Thank You!



{Above, white gel pen on black paper, 2014}

To everyone who comes to this blog: thank you. My career as an artist would not be possible without you and others who buy, commission, share, write about, and otherwise support the work I do everyday. I feel very grateful. Thank you, thank you!

May you all have a wonderful holiday!

Stay warm and cozy and have a happy Wednesday!


Words for the Day :: No. 53



Have a good Thursday, friends!


Words for the Day :: No. 52



Wise words from Augusten Burroughs. This and 99 other quotes on bravery will appear in my second book of hand lettered quotes, due out from Chronicle Books in 2015! You can purchase my first book of hand lettered quotes here.

Happy Monday, friends!


On Rejection & Criticism



One of the most common questions other artists and writers ask me is this one: how do you deal with rejection and criticism?

I think the reason that people ask this question is that it is a real point of pain for artists and writers. In fact, it may be “the” point of pain, besides dealing with creative blocks, which are often caused by fear or rejection and criticism. So this question really is at the heart of the artists’ psyche, all the time, whether we are conscious of it or not.

Art is subjective. Not everyone will like what we do. Also, we are human. Sometimes we are going to make really shitty work, especially in the beginning of our careers. And what’s worse is that even as our work gets better, we get our work into the world and we become known, the likelihood that our work will be criticized or that we will experience rejection only increases exponentially.

One thing it’s important to understand is the universality of the experience: all artists deal with rejection and criticism — from the very subtle kind (no one “liked” that painting I just posted on Instagram), to more overt (my work didn’t get accepted into that juried show and the judge said it wasn’t developed enough), to mean spirited (someone publicly criticized my work, said it was crap), to self-inflicted internal rejection and criticism (I’m a terrible artist & my work sucks).

We are all looking for relief from this point of pain or a way to ensure that it will never happen to us. But the truth is, while we can gain some perspective and some thicker skin and most importantly, some self love, we cannot ever escape it. Sure, you can avoid ever being rejected or criticized by deciding never to put your work into the world, but where does that leave you?

Recently I talked to artist Susan Mulder about rejection and criticism for her series called The Rejection Chronicles. She asked me lots of questions about my experiences with rejection and criticism, my take on how to deal with them and some lessons I’ve learned. In turn, I talked about taking responsibility, listening to constructive feedback, ignoring mean spirited criticism, and not taking things personally (super hard, yes).

And if there is one lesson I’ve learned it’s this: rejection is always humbling. Situations that humble us and remind us of our humanity make us kinder, more conscientious people. And that’s always a positive thing. If seen in a good light, rejection and criticism can teach us where to focus, what we are good at, what we need to work more at, what we want to own, how strong we are and all kinds of other amazing things.

You can read my interview with Susan here. I also talk about rejection (and 14 hours worth of other content about making a living as an artist) in my online course Become a Working Artist, which you can purchase (and watch at your own pace) here.

Have a great Thursday, friends!