New Shop Items for Holidays!


Hello, friends! I’m so happy to launch my holiday Etsy shop. I’ve got a new screen-printed poster (see below), hand pulled in Portland. A great gift for anyone who has the tendency to feel stuck and needs a colorful push everyday! Makes a great holiday gift!


I’ve also got several gift bundles that save you money. We’ve placed items together that make excellent thematic gifts and given you a price savings for purchasing them together. Here are two of them:


You can check the rest of them out here.

As usual, I’ve got all my books, and prints, and other posters, tote bags and stationery. Start your shopping today!

Happy holidays,


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Portland Studio Holiday Sale December 3!



Portland and PNW friends! Holiday shoppers! I’m having HOLIDAY SALE at my painting studio on Saturday December 3 from 12-5 pm! [Note: for those of you who have been to my illustration studio at my home, this event will be at my painting studio on MLK, so please refer to directions & map below!]

I’ll be selling all kinds of fun stuff, including signed books, coloring books, prints, calendars, tote bags, small original works. notebooks, and posters. Many items will be discounted. A small sampling of what I’ll have on hand is pictured below (there will be so much more than this for sale!!). I’m also selling a large wooden easel and possibly some other art supplies. I will be taking both cash and credit cards.


This event will be held at my painting studio and not my home studio. My painting studio is located in the building at 2808 NE Martin Luther King Blvd in Portland. The building is between Graham and Stanton on Martin Luther King. PLEASE REFER TO THE MAP BELOW for directions on how to enter, since my studio is NOT directly on MLK (you must enter on either Stanton or Graham)! Feel free to drag this map to your desktop and print it out. I will also place signs around the block to direct folks into the studio. Lastly, PLEASE USE STREET PARKING and do not park in the lot adjacent to my studio. Thank you so much!


Questions about the sale? Email us at! I hope to see you there!


A Year Between Friends: 3191 Miles Apart



Some of you may know this, and others of you may not: I have a very talented sister and her name is Stephanie. Some of you may know her as 1/2 of the dynamic & gifted duo, Maria Alexandra Vettese and Stephanie Congdon Barnes, of 3191 Miles Apart. For those of you who don’t know the work of Stephanie and Maria, let me tell you a little bit about it (and stay tuned, because after I tell you about it, I’m going to share with you about their latest book).

Maria and Stephanie met in 2005 back when blogs were a rather new phenomenon. They quickly developed a friendship based on a shared love of many things, including, in their own words, “film photography, art and craft, everyday beauty and a well-lived domestic life.” Just two years later in 2007, they decided to embark on a year long photo project together on a shared blog called 3191 — which was the number of miles between their homes in Portland, Oregon and Portland, Maine. The first project was called A Year of Mornings, which culminated in a book that was published the following year in 2008 by Princeton Architectural Press. As part of the project, they each took one photo a day and merged them as diptychs without discussing content ahead of time — they did this everyday for a year! They quickly acquired a worldwide following of devoted fans inspired “by the magical coincidences and pictorial synchronicity of their photographic pairings.” (via Princeton Architectural Press).

Their friendship grew, and they have continued collaborating on endless ideas and projects for almost ten years now, including publishing A Year of Evenings (now sold out & out of print), a quarterly journal, among many other projects.

Just last week, their latest book (pictured above) A Year Between Friends was published by Abrams. Through letters exchanged over the course of a year and heartfelt sharing of real life events, the book includes the story of a year inside their friendship — including moments of serenity, sadness, and overwhelming joy. Nestled between their letters, the book is also abundant with Stephanie and Maria’s aforementioned shared passions for gorgeous film photography, art, craft, food, everyday beauty and a well-lived domestic life — including recipes and projects for living a sustainable, economical, and handmade life.

Just this past weekend, I went over to my sister’s house (she is one of the reasons I moved to Portland!) and we made one of the projects from the book: waxed cloth wraps! My mind was blown by these wraps. They are so easy to make. Totally reusable and sealable, you can use them to wrap sandwiches and other items instead of foil or plastic wrap.


The specific directions for making them are included in the book, of course. First, we cut our fabric to size (the book has specific suggestions for different usable sizes). We used some linen pieces and also some of my FABLE fabric from my Cloud9 Kindred collection!


Then you melt some beeswax and apply it to the fabric. The book offers specific techniques for applying and smoothing the beeswax onto the fabric.


Let dry and voila! You have reusable waxed wraps!




Want to take advantage of this project and others in the book? You can purchase A Year Between Friends on Amazon or wherever books are sold.

Congratulations to my sister Stephanie and to Maria for this gorgeous new book!

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My 2017 Calendar is here!



Friends, I am so glad to announce that my 2017 calendar is now for sale! There are only 275 available 143 available, and last year they sold out by December, so get yours today! Read more about it and purchase here.

The calendar is 7×14 inches and there are 13 full color pages, including the cover.


Get yours here.


Labor Day Sale!



Friends, I am so happy to announce the first sale I’ve had since APRIL! Take 15% off in my shop through Monday, September 5 with coupon code LABORDAY. Get an early start on holiday shopping (this may be the last sale I have before 2017),  find the perfect birthday gift or treat yourself to something special. I’ve got loads of books, loads of prints, coloring books, stationery, a tote bag, journals, notebooks, and a few limited edition screen printed posters. Visit my shop today and check everything out!

Have a great weekend!