New Painting :: Constellation



{Constellation, acrylic on masonite panel 5×7 inches}

I am so happy to be spending so much time in my studio preparing for my upcoming show. It feels fantastic to be making some personal work so many days of the week. Here is a piece I finished earlier in the week. It’s called Constellation, and it’s little at just 5×7 inches!

Have a great weekend, friends. “See you” Monday.

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New Work :: Ghost Mountain




Friends, above is my latest piece for my upcoming show. It’s called Ghost Mountain, and it’s 12×16 inches, acrylic on masonite panel. Stay tuned for more new work in the upcoming weeks.

And happy Monday!

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Of History & Hope :: Flower Pepper Gallery




I am so excited to be participating in the Of History and Hope show at Flower Pepper Gallery in Pasadena, CA. Of History and Hope is inspired by & benefits Lions, Tigers, and Bears, a big cat and exotic animal rescue (currently home to Meatball the bear, who you may recall visited several backyard pools in Glendale).

You can see the painting I made for the show above. It is entitled, Bear with Me, and is 8x10x1.5 inches, acrylic and ink on masonite panel. It will be available for sale when the show opens April 5.

The full list of artists in the show includes: Paul Barnes, Jaesun Kim, Cory Benhatzel, Stephan Holman, David Natale, Christopher Umana, Jeannie L. Paske, Halsey Swain, Ron Pete, Angie Jones, Junhee Sim, Marissa Quinn, Raymond Sanchez, Robert Yancy, Leila Ataya, Lauren Marx, Walt Hall, Joanne Nam, Desiree Fessler, Craww, Nicole Bruckman,  Roland Tamayo, Susanne Apgar, Luciano Martinez, Edward Cao, Mariam Keurjikian, Tory Lin, Corrie Gregory, Jon Lau, Paige Moon, Yejin Oh, Kowoon Jung, Lisa Congdon, Graham Curran, Amanda Marsh, Kisung Koh, Blake Aaseby, N.S. David, Jenna Gibson, Samir Evol, Ania Tomicka, Jaclyn Alderete, Junyi Wu, Jeff McMillan, Simon Kangiser, Tiffany Liu, Erich Moffitt, Heather Gross, Jose Carabes, and Erik Flores.

Have a great Wednesday, friends!


Artist Reception :: Save the Date!



{new work: Map of My Brain, No. 1}

You may recall that in January I announced that I was having a solo show at Marion & Rose’s Workshop. I’m happy to announce that the official artist reception will happen Saturday, May 10 from 6-9 pm 4-7 pm (note time change!). Local Bay Area folks, I hope to see you there! If you can’t make it on the 10th, there will also be an opening on Friday, May 2, for Oakland Art Murmur, in the evening.

The show will include new abstract works, including the new piece above and many more. I’ll keep you updated on my offerings.

Save the date: May 10, 4-7 pm.

Have a happy Tuesday!

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36//36 :: Spoon Show




I’m really excited to be part of a show curated by the multi-talented Courtney Cerruti that opens this Friday at Paxton Gate Kids in San Francisco. 36 artists from the UK and the US were given one antique wooden spoon each and told to turn it into a piece of art. Here’s a shot of my spoon for the show:

photo 2

And here are some other lovely spoons!


I’ve got my eye on this one by Curtis Jensen, above.


I also love this one by Lindsay Ann Watson.

And this one by Yellow Owl Workshop:


And many more… Local people, I hope to see you there!


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I’m Having a Solo Show (It’s Been Awhile)




Friends, I am so happy to announce that I will be having a solo show of my paintings and some other mixed media pieces at Marion & Rose’s Workshop right here in the town of Oakland, opening May 2, 2014. This is the first solo show of my work since November 2012, and I’m pretty excited to be working on it.

I’ve begun a new body of work (in progress, above, though most of these paintings will look much different when they are finished). I’m hoping to make between 15-25 pieces in all at various sizes and price points.

If you are local and would like to come to the opening, I hope you will mark your calendars! For those of you who are not local, the work will be available for purchase online.

I’ll be sharing the work as I make it, so stay tuned for more.

Happy Wednesday!

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My Photographs + Martha Rosler MoMA Exhibition


Have heard now about artist Martha Rosler’s new Meta Monumental Garage Sale Exhibition at the MoMA in New York? If you haven’t, here’s a little bit about it:

“For her first solo exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art, New York–based artist Martha Rosler presents her work Meta-Monumental Garage Sale, a large-scale version of the classic American garage sale, in which Museum visitors can browse and buy second-hand goods organized, displayed, and sold by the artist. The installation fills MoMA’s Marron Atrium with strange and everyday objects donated by the artist, MoMA staff, and the general public, creating a lively space for exchange between Rosler and her customers as they haggle over prices.”MoMA website.

Cool, right?

Anyhow, as part of the exhibition, Rosler and the MoMA have published a newspaper for visitors to the museum about the exhibition. The newspaper gives a broader context to the notion of garage sales and the life of worn/loved objects. A handful of authors and social-theorists have contributed essays on garage sales and a handful of artists have contributed artwork. I was so honored when Rosler and designer Kelli Anderson asked to include two photographs from my 2010 Collection a Day project as part of the publication. Other contributing artists include Wendy MacNaughton, Don Hamerman and Kate Bingaman Burt. Here’s the spread on which my photographs appear:

{Rosler chose Sewing Maching Parts & Dice from my 365 images.}

I also love this map by Wendy MacNaughton of the garage sale layout:

This is the first time I’ve ever been associated with the MoMA and, let me tell you, I’m pretty excited about it — not just because it’s the MoMA, but because I’m a fan of Rosler + her work and the whole idea behind this exhibition.

Do you want a copy of the Garage Sale Standard newspaper but can’t get to the MoMA before the end of November? You can download a copy for a limited time here.


This is My World :: Installation and Work for Sale


{My photos taken right after the installation. Left wall and right wall for This is My World}

You may remember that on November 2 I had an opening at Rare Device in San Francisco. The show is called This is My World and it is a collection of small paintings, handmade books, decorated book covers and vintage photos, and zines. All of the paintings and small objects are for sale on the Rare Device website, and what is not for sale on the website (the vintage photos, book covers, handmade books and zines) are for sale in the store. I hope you will go visit if you are in the San Francisco area! Rare Device is a gorgeous store filled with beautiful things. The show will be up until the week before Christmas.

{photo by Chronicle Books}

The evening was really fun and loads of my friends and supporters showed up for the opening, which always means so much to me.

{With three of my close friends at the opening: Mati, Jen and Tiffany. Also: Louie, who belongs to my friend Diana. Photo by the awesome Derek Macario of SF Station}

As mentioned above, Derek Macario from SF Station photographed the event. You can see the rest of Derek’s photos from my opening here. Thank you Derek!


Speaking of original paintings and drawings, (and I’ll talk more about this later this week), I just updated my Big Cartel Shop with new pieces, and adjusted prices on much of the existing work in the shop. I hope you will check it out!


This is My World :: Opens Tomorrow at Rare Device!


Hello friends! I hope you will join me tomorrow evening for the opening of my first solo show in over a year (the last one was in July of 2011). It’s called THIS IS MY WORLD and it’s at Rare Device, which is at Divisadero and Hayes in San Francisco. The opening party is from 6-8  tomorrow night (November 2).

Pictured above are 9 of the 27 small paintings I made for the show (all paintings are between 4×4 and 11×14 inches). There will also be a bunch of mixed media pieces (drawings on small vintage photographs and book covers) and a limited edition zine I made just for the show. In all there will almost 50 pieces for sale. All of the 27 paintings will be for sale on the Rare Device website starting tomorrow. If you would like to purchase a painting, you can either call the store or purchase it via the website. All of the mixed media pieces and zines will be for sale in the store only (and not via the website). All of the work (except the zines) must remain in the installation until the week before Christmas, but we’ll make sure you get the your purchase before the holidays, especially if it’s a gift.

If you can’t make the party, the show will be up until the holidays (around Christmas or after), so I hope you will swing by and take a look!

Thank you, as always, for supporting my work!


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Upcoming Show


Somehow, amidst finishing illustration deadlines and preparing for my three-week journey to the northern part of the planet, I am also preparing for an upcoming public show of my work at my alma mater, Rare Device (the store I used to own & operate with Rena Tom, now owned by our friend Giselle). The show (which opens November 2) is called “This is My World” and will include a selection of small paintings, hand-painted objects and hand-made zines and books.

Here are the details:

Hope to see you there, SF & Bay Area friends! Have a great weekend, all.


A Great Night at the Jewish Museum


Last week I gave a short lecture about my work at the Contemporary Jewish Museum here in San Francisco. I was part of a program called Salvaged Beauty, where several of us got up and talked about how we reuse materials in our work. The event was really, really fun, and the other speakers were so fantastic. Here are all but one of us at the end of the evening: Josh Duthie and Luke Bartels of Woodshop SFTerry Berlier (artist and professor at Stanford), me, and the incredible Paul Discoe. Missing from the photo is Deborah Monk, who runs the Recology Residency at the San Francisco Dump. It was an honor to be part of this program. Oh, and above us on the screen? That’s Peanut, Josh’s dog, who was part of the talk he and Luke gave moments before the photo was snapped. I should also mention that the program was in conjunction with the Do Not Destroy exhibition, in which we all have work.


This Saturday: The Lab Auction


San Francisco friends: I’m so excited to tell you about an amazing event happening Saturday night. The Lab — a fantastic organization in San Francisco dedicated to supporting the development and presentation of new visual, performing, media, sonic and literary art — is having their annual auction. The Lab Auction is a great opportunity not only to support a local arts organization but also to bid on a really wonderful array of artwork from emerging and established local artists at affordable prices. This auction will be CHOCK FULL of good stuff (including a piece from yours truly). $20-$40 sliding scale for admission. The auction goes from 6:30 – 10:00 pm. The Lab is located at 2914 16th Street in San Francisco.


Lecture at the Contemporary Jewish Museum


I wanted to let you all know that I’ll be giving a short lecture at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco on May 3 about reusing found materials in my work. It will be part of a public program called Salvaged Beauty, associated with Do No Destroy, the show that I’m currently in at the museum. The evening will include 5 short lectures on the topic of re-use in art. If you can make it, please say hello afterward!

PS: Go see the show! It’s AMAZING!


CJM Opening


Wednesday night was super fun and a completely amazing experience. The exhibit was so beautiful! I highly recommend a look if you are in SF. There are some really great pieces in the show.

Thank you to everyone on Twitter and Facebook who wished me well and congratulated me about this momentous event in my life. There were too many of you to respond to personally. I think I got over 150 individual congratulatory tweets, comments and messages this week, and I loved each one of them. Thank you! I’m feeling very lucky this week. Maybe someday I will become jaded. But right now I am appreciating everything that is happening.

My partner Clay is taking me away this weekend on a surprise trip. I know only to pack some clothing and that our road bikes are coming with us. No one has ever done this for me before. She is THE BEST. {I’ll report back on Monday about where we ended up!}

Happy weekend, friends.




Today is a good day.  And probably (aside from the day I am finally legally allowed to get married) will be one of the most important days of my entire life.

And I will tell you why: I am in the first museum show of my career, and it opens tonight. Yes, with a fancy VIP party. And Yoko Ono is in the exhibition too.

Six years ago I didn’t even self identify as an artist, because I didn’t think I qualified. And today, this.

Follow your dreams, people. They do come true.

Thank you, Contemporary Jewish Museum of San Francisco. I love you.

{You can see my piece for the show here.}

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