New Print in the Shop!



Friends, I’m so happy to release a new print into the shop! It’s called Springtime Friends and it’s available for sale here! Brighten up your home with this beauty!

Happy Thursday!


Experiments in Blue // Week 21



Hello friends! Can you believe we are almost 1/2 way through the year? I realized that this morning when I write Experiments in Blue: Week 21 in the subject line above.

Yesterday I sat down to paint this week’s experiment. I drew the general composition lightly in pencil first and then squirted some of my trusty watercolors on my palette to add color. I never quite know which colors will go where when I begin!

You can check out all of my weekly Experiments in Blue for this year here.

Speaking of watercolor: stay tuned tomorrow for an interview with watercolor artist (and amazing illustrator) — my friend, Samantha Hahn.

Happy Monday!


Sketchbook Roundup & Sketchbook Classes!



{A recent spread from my MESSY SKETCHBOOK, which is basically an old book that I use as my place to get loose and messy}

Recently I was traveling for a book tour for my latest book, The Joy of Swimming. At my Creative Mornings Talk in Minneapolis, one woman asked me during the Q&A: “How do you make time for personal work?” I paused for what seemed like a long time. I was about to say, “I don’t!” And then I remembered that I spend at least a few hours each week (sometimes several) drawing and painting in my various sketchbooks. Lately, while my day-to-day illustration and writing career has kept me busy during workdays with little time for personal work, I manage to sneak it in at night while I’m watching TV or on the weekends out at my painting table — in my sketchbooks! I’ve been chronicling my sketchbook spreads on Instagram and here on my blog for many moons. Here are some of the most recent.



I find drawing and painting in my sketchbooks enormously relaxing. For one, what I make here is not for sale or for a client or for any one but me. Here, I get to play with shapes and colors, markings and materials. Sometimes the result is beautiful. Sometimes it’s a hot mess. But it’s mostly always really relaxing and fun for me. In fact, I can’t wait to dig into my sketchbooks this weekend.



Part of how I approach my sketchbooks is with the idea of using the space to create an all-over design or pattern. This approach is extremely meditative! If this sounds like fun to you but you aren’t sure how you’d get started, I teach two classes over on Creativebug where I teach the process of starting this kind of sketchbook practice. The first is called Sketchbook Explorations. The second is called More Sketchbook Explorations. There is no requirement to take the first before the second! If you are interested in getting some drawing practice, I also teach Basic Line Drawing and offer a 31 Day Drawing Challenge. You can purchase a subscription to Creativebug for less than $5 USD a month and view all of my classes (and many more).




As you can see, there are so many ways to approach a sketchbook. And when you are finished, you have a book filled with your markings.




Wondering about materials? I wrote a post with links here.

Have a great weekend, friends!


Experiments in Blue // Week 20



This week was another travel week for me (there are many of them coming up over the next few months!) and so my Experiment in Blue this week is another sketchbook spread! It’s made with a good ole Sakura of America gel pen (this color is my favorite). And I literally drew it while I was flying up in the clouds.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!


Experiments in Blue // Week 17



This week’s experiment was created with watercolor & gel pens. It was a quick one, since I spent most of the weekend preparing a lecture I’m going to give tomorrow night at my book launch at San Francisco’s California College of the Arts (more on that event here). To see all of my Experiments in Blue series for the year, just go here.

I hope everyone has a great week!