Experiments in Blue // Week 17



This week’s experiment was created with watercolor & gel pens. It was a quick one, since I spent most of the weekend preparing a lecture I’m going to give tomorrow night at my book launch at San Francisco’s California College of the Arts (more on that event here). To see all of my Experiments in Blue series for the year, just go here.

I hope everyone has a great week!


New MoMA Notebooks!



I’m so excited to tell you about a new notebook set (three total) that I have with The Museum of Modern Art in New York! They are part of the Things I Saw and Loved collection for MoMA. I have a limited quantity in my Etsy Shop and you can also purchase them directly through the Museum Store. The set includes drawings of items from the museum’s design collection (best drawing assignment ever).

Have a great Wednesday!


Experiments in Blue // Week 16



How did it all of a sudden become almost May? My life has been flying by at lightening speed! I’ve been so busy with work that this week I only had time for a quick drawing for my weekly 2016 Experiments in Blue Project — this one made with white acrylic paint and blue gel pen on my favorite substrate: the inside of an old book cover.

I’m glad I am occasionally practicing making quicker & easier drawings for this project because starting in May I am doing a lot of traveling through the end of July, and in order to keep up with this project, I’ll need to create things, literally “on the go.”

Happy Monday, everyone!


Experiments in Blue // Week 15



I had so much fun with this week’s Experiment in Blue! My work has long been Scandinavian and folk influenced, and this week was super fun taking some of my usual markings and inserting them into a new context: the image of a dress!

You can also view a short video of me painting this piece here.

Happy Monday!


Experiments in Blue // Week 13



On Saturday I spent a couple of hours drawing then painting this piece for my Experiments in Blue series. I love hand imagery and so playing around with hand shapes in the form of a pattern was a lot of fun! This piece is about 12×16 inches, watercolor on paper.

Happy Monday, friends.