Creativebug Sale!!!



Friends! For those of you who like taking art classes from me, I have a new six week Creative Bootcamp series releasing on Creativebug starting January 3. And I have really good news for you: if you are not already a subscriber, you can get a 3-Month Subscription to Creativebug for $1. No code needed! But you must use THIS LINK to get the offer! Expires Monday, November 28!

While you wait for my new class to launch, why not take my other classes?

Happy holidays (I’ll be back Friday with information on new stuff in my online shop!).


New Class Series & Class Launches Today!



Friends! I am so excited to let you know that I am launching a new series of business and creativity video classes straight from my website. The Lisa Congdon Sessions launches today with my first video course — Idea Generation: Expanding Your Creative Repertoire & Finding Your Voice. Here’s the best news of all: the course is only $29 and you have access to all three class videos and a course PDF for an unlimited time.

What are The Lisa Congdon Sessions?
The Lisa Congdon Sessions is a new series of online video classes I am developing and rolling out over the course of 2016-2017. The first class in the series, available now, is called Idea Generation: Expanding Your Creative Repertoire & Finding Your Voice. I am developing additional classes on other topics, which will be coming in early 2017! (Read more FAQ here).

What is the Idea Generation course all about?
This course is designed for aspiring, beginning or established artists who are looking for tools to further develop personal sources of inspiration and their own distinct perspective in their work. It’s for people who would like to draw influence from the world differently in order to advance their own creative style.

Through this video course, I’ll will guide you through practices for generating new ideas, using inspiration, and developing a body of work around subject matter that is meaningful to you—all with the goal of creating work that is interesting, specific to you and stands out in a world filled with prolific artists.

Watch the trailer!

The course includes three parts:

Part One: In the first class video, I cover brainstorming as a way to generate new ideas about what to paint, draw or make. You’ll focus on exploring the stuff you are already passionate about in your regular, everyday life as a basis for generating ideas for subject matter in your work. You can use brainstorming to begin to find your own distinct perspective and set your work apart. I’ll also discuss the role of research to expand your ideas even further.

Part Two: In the second video of the class, I talk about getting inspired by other artists, both tips and cautions. Nearly every artist has influences, and studying and even mimicking the work of other artists is a normal and natural part of becoming an artist. However, it’s really important to take that inspiration and make it your own, in a very concerted and distinct way, before you claim it as your own or attempt to sell it. I will discuss how to put boundaries around inspiration in order to move away from your influences and toward your own voice.

Part Three: In the third and final class video, I focus on developing and following through with a personal creative challenge or set of challenges. The direct route to developing your own distinct voice as an artist is showing up and making/drawing/painting something at regular intervals—for a few days a week at least, even if it’s just a few minutes a day. Creative challenges are the best way to engage in this kind of disciplined practice. I have done many creative challenges in the past seven years, and I credit them with not only helping me to hone my own styles of drawing and painting, but also to generate interest in my work, including paying client work and gallery shows. I will talk you through practical tips for designing and embarking on your own creative challenges.

Still want more info? Check out our course information page!

Ready to purchase now? Go!


Portland AIGA Speaking Event!



Friends, I’m so excited to invite you to Fake It Till You Make It: Building Your Toolbox for a Successful Freelance Career! It’s an event I’m doing with the Portland Chapter AIGA in their Career Toolbox series.

I’ll be joined on stage with fellow freelance Illustrator and Portland Icon Kate Bingaman Burt. We’ll be talking about  current trends in the creative world and ways you can set yourself apart from the rest and become a successful freelance designer or illustrator. We’ll offer tips and suggestions for establishing yourself, getting paid work, and managing your business with finesse. We hope you will walk away equipped—not only with the right tools—but also with the right mindset and conviction to conquer the freelance domain.

The event will be held on November 18 from 8-9:30! Be there or be square.

Sound interesting? You can register here.

The event will be held at:
52 Limited Creative + Tech Staffing
330 Southeast Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard
Portland, OR

Hope to see you there!!


Back for More Taping at Creativebug!


Processed with VSCO with e1 preset

Processed with VSCO with e1 preset

Friends, I’m so excited because this week I’m back in the Creativebug studios in San Francisco taping my next series of classes that will launch in January. I’m super excited about this series — it will be SIX weeks long and cover everything from color to collage to getting messy with oil sticks to creatiing your own small book (and many, many other things in between).

If you’ve taken and enjoyed my Creativebug classes before, you will definitely enjoy this new series of classes too. If you haven’t, you can get started with some of my current classes now and gear up for this class in January. Creativebug is a very inexpensive subscription service. With your monthly payments (which you can cancel at any time) you also have access to hundreds of other classes, from sewing to cooking to other art classes. And don’t forget CBTV, the new series of short films where you can get a deeper look into the processes, studios, and daily lives of your favorite artists.

Your first month at Creativebug is also free!

Whether you are someone who already makes art everyday or you’d like to get more creative, my classes are for everyone, even kids. You can watch trailers for all of my current classes here and sign up for Creativebug by clicking the “Start Free Trial” button in the upper right corner.



Strut Your Mutt Portland



Friends, I am so excited to announce my participation in Strut Your Mutt this year on September 10 at Sellwood Park Riverfront Park in Portland! Strut Your Mutt is one of the largest and most exciting fundraising walks and festivals for local rescues in town. We will have field day games and fun activities like little dog races!

I’ll be there with Wilfredo and I’ll also be judging some of the contests, so come say hello!

Strut Your Mutt is in its 5th year in Portland, with usually over 500 people in attendance and raising over 50,000 for local animal rescue organizations. We have our largest fundraising goal ever, so we really want to get the word out in the community. Learn more about the event and register here. Out of town folks can also donate here.

Have a great Wednesday, friends!