Creativebug Sale!


Friends, I am happy to let you know about a sale going on at Creativebug – 1 month and 1 class for $1. Head here to learn more! $1 unlocks 1-month unlimited access to 1000+  classes on Creativebug PLUS 1 class to keep forever (a $29.90 value). Take any of my classes or other classes on the site!


New Class! So You Want to Be an Illustrator?


I’m so excited to announce my next video eCourse, which launches today! The class is called So You Want to be An Illustrator?, and it’s part of my Lisa Congdon Sessions class series!

What are The Lisa Congdon Sessions?
The Lisa Congdon Sessions is a series of online video classes I am developing and rolling out over the next year. The first class in the series, also available now, is called Idea Generation: Expanding Your Creative Repertoire & Finding Your Voice. The second class So You Want to be an Illustrator? launches today! (Read more about me and the series in the FAQ here).

So You Want to Be an Illustrator is a four-part, easy to follow video e-course designed for you!

You can take this course from anywhere in the world at your own pace! It includes pre-recorded videos, along with a written summary of video content and a list of resources in an easily downloadable PDF.

This course is designed for aspiring, beginning or established artists who are interested in becoming a professional illustrator but want to learn more about what the career path looks like and how to break into it.

Through this video course, I guide you through many topics, including: what it means to be an illustrator, the illustration markets, the basic requirements to launch your career, marketing and building your client base. I’ll also answer many of your frequently asked questions about agents, how much to charge, contracts, digital tools for analog illustrators and art licensing, among many others.

Watch the trailer!

Purchase and learn more here!


Creativebug Bootcamp!


Some of you may know that this past January I launched a brand new class on Creativebug called Creative Bootcamp. It’s six weeks long, and the first round of students has just finished the course! I wanted to show you some of the INCREDIBLE work students (adults and kids alike) have created in the course in this little video I made this morning (this is mostly work from the final weeks).

The course continues to run on Creativebug, and it’s never too late to join in the fun! You can learn more and start a free trial of Creativebug here.

I learned last week that the class has been viewed over 50,000 times! Thank you to everyone who has participated in the course so far. Your work has blown my mind! I hope everyone continues their creative journeys — inside their sketchbooks and beyond!

Have a great week.


We’re Halfway There!


Guess what? We’re already halfway through Creative Bootcamp! Congratulations to everyone who has shown up to the “gym” again this week for more exercises. This week in my Creative Bootcamp we’re going to play with color again, but this time we’re going to use some restraint and work in monochrome. I love working in monochrome because it forces me to play with values, pattern and intensity in a way I might not otherwise.

I’ve been so excited to watch what some of you are creating in the class. I’ve been following along with the #cbugbootcamp hashtag daily on Instagram. Here are a few of my favorite spreads from the last couple of weeks (I couldn’t possibly post them all!).

Luscious colors and layering by @juliehamiltoncreative:

Beautiful palette & another fantastic example of layering by @angiehiltzdesign

Love the pastels here and use of background imagery by @quietlyfiery

I’ve been ogling over this one from @klikadesign since she posted it:

@paulineijle has mastered the Matisse effect here, but totally with her own flair!

I love this spread by @hannekesupplyillustration because of her use of  both bright neon and muted colors and her fantastic composition

This page by @megan_whisner_quinlan would make the most gorgeous fabric pattern!

I am so drawn to the orange and purple combination — and the gorgeous attention to detail and composition of this one by @happychinchilla!

And how about these sunshines by @sara__ponce?? I love the combination of pinks and yellows in the background!

I can’t wait to see what you all create this week in monochrome! I’ll be visiting the #cbugbootcamp hashtag regularly. Show me what you’ve made over at #cbugbootcamp on Instagram! It’s also never too late to join the class. Join us!


Creative Bootcamp Launches January 3!


Friends, I am so very excited to announce my next class series with Creativebug, the first in almost a year! It’s called Creative Bootcamp: Six Exercises  to Spark Artistic Discovery, and it launches January 3rd just in time for the new year. You can take the class at your own pace in at any time of the day or night, anywhere the world! We have launched the class page today so that you can prepare to begin the class by gathering all the materials you’ll need (just click on “materials” below each class description). That said, there is no time limit to this class! Once the each week goes live, it will live on Creativebug forever. Aren’t a subscriber to Creativebug? You can get a free trial membership starting today, and after that, it’s only $4.95 a month.

More about the series: using a variety of my favorite art supplies and tried-and-true processes, learn how to use Microns, oil sticks, paints and collage to take a fresh look at shape, line and color. These exercises allow you to “get loose” and enjoy the process without overthinking the outcome. You’ll also learn how to work with color, use collage to respond to your in-progress artwork, and go outside to gather inspiration from your surroundings. Unlike my other classes, this series focuses less on specific projects and dives deeply into the artistic process to help you develop your own creative voice.

Watch the trailer for more!

Here is a little bit about each week:

Part 1: Reinventing the Basics with Lines and Circles – Jan 3rd

Starting with the basics, you’ll learn how to look at lines, circles and simple shapes with new eyes. I guide you through drawing and image-making exercises that utilize three mediums: pen, collage and paint. Working in a large sketchbook, you’ll begin this journey by learning how to keep your approach loose and fresh.

Part 2: Color Conversation – Jan 10th

Everyone has a color palette they tend to lean toward. In this class, I show how to build upon your favorite palettes, investigating color relationships and proportions in order to achieve optimal composition and flow. To put this lesson into practice, you’ll create a collage in your sketchbook with these principles in mind.

Part 3: Get Messy Sketchbook – Jan 17th

Leave the white pages of your sketchbook behind and dive into the printed pages of a vintage book. Working in a variety of mediums, I share my favorite “Messy Sketchbook” technique, transforming a printed page into a vibrant sketchbook spread. Plus you’ll learn how to respond to the content on the printed pages in order to create truly original artwork.

Part 4: Working in Monochrome – Jan 24th

Sometimes you don’t need every crayon in the box – in this part, I focus on choosing a single color and working in a monochrome color palette. Not only is this exercise good practice for self editing, it also helps you better understand the various shades and hues that are possible within a single color. Using a variety of mediums and sketchbook spreads, you’ll unlock all of the possibilities of working in monochrome.

Part 5: An Artist Outing – Jan 31st

Sometimes leaving the studio to get some fresh air is the best way to spark inspiration. Take a walk with me through downtown San Francisco and see what catches my eye. Sit alongside me on a park bench as I sketch the buildings around me, and then watch how she adds color and further develops my drawings when I head back into the studio.

Part 6:  Accordion Books – Feb 7th

Now that you’ve created oodles of artwork in our Creative Boot Camp, you’ll need a way to put the pieces together to share with the world. Learn how to make an accordion book structure to feature as much or as little of your original artwork as you like. Or you can make a blank accordion book to use as an alternative style sketchbook and start the creative process all over again!

Sign up today! I can’t wait to have you in class!