New Class! So You Want to Be an Illustrator?


I’m so excited to announce my next video eCourse, which launches today! The class is called So You Want to be An Illustrator?, and it’s part of my Lisa Congdon Sessions class series!

What are The Lisa Congdon Sessions?
The Lisa Congdon Sessions is a series of online video classes I am developing and rolling out over the next year. The first class in the series, also available now, is called Idea Generation: Expanding Your Creative Repertoire & Finding Your Voice. The second class So You Want to be an Illustrator? launches today! (Read more about me and the series in the FAQ here).

So You Want to Be an Illustrator is a four-part, easy to follow video e-course designed for you!

You can take this course from anywhere in the world at your own pace! It includes pre-recorded videos, along with a written summary of video content and a list of resources in an easily downloadable PDF.

This course is designed for aspiring, beginning or established artists who are interested in becoming a professional illustrator but want to learn more about what the career path looks like and how to break into it.

Through this video course, I guide you through many topics, including: what it means to be an illustrator, the illustration markets, the basic requirements to launch your career, marketing and building your client base. I’ll also answer many of your frequently asked questions about agents, how much to charge, contracts, digital tools for analog illustrators and art licensing, among many others.

Watch the trailer!

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