My Next Book!



Friends, I am so happy to announce my next book! It’s my first children’s book (at least the first I’ve written and illustrated myself), and it’s a book all about First Ladies. It will be geared toward 9-14 year olds and be published by Chronicle Books in 2018. My goal is to make a book that is written for kids but filled with rich and interesting facts and stories about the lives and contributions of each First Lady (even if some of their stories have unsavory aspects)! I’m a history buff (I wrote my senior thesis on Eleanor Roosevelt), so I’m very excited to get started on this book.

Are you related to a First Lady? Do you have any book or resource recommendations (besides the books above) that I should use for research? Any interesting facts you think I should include? If so, email me at! (PS: I’m not looking for writers or contributors — this is a book I’ll write entirely myself).

In a time when a former First Lady could become president, this book feels very timely.

Have a great Thursday, friends!