The Moleskine Watercolor Sketchbook


I’ve been working regularly in a new sketchbook lately and so many people have been asking me on Instragram some version of the same question: “WHAT KIND OF SKETCHBOOK IS THAT??” So I decided I’d write a blog post about it!

It’s the Moleskine Watercolor Album. It’s got a durable hard cover, beautiful thick watercolor pages (which are also smooth enough on which to use pencil and other media). The one I have been using is A4 size, but they also make them in a smaller size as well that could fit in your bag more easily. I first used one when I went to Scandinavia in 2012 as my travel sketchbook, but when I returned home I went back to my smaller book. Recently, wanting to use more paint in my sketchbook, I bought a new one. And now I can’t seem to use much else! (And, no, nobody is paying me to say that!)

Here are some of the creations I’ve made in this sketchbook.








Interested in starting your own sketchbook practice but need ideas to get started? I teach two sketchbook classes on Creativebug to help you do just that! Sketchbook Explorations is a basic course and More Sketchbook Explorations is the 2nd in the series.

Have a great weekend, friends, and happy sketchbooking!


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