Kate Bingaman Burt :: Daily Purchase Project



Today my friend, artist, illustrator, designer, teacher extraordinaire (and overall awesome, kind, spirited person) Kate Bingaman Burt, finished her daily purchase project, in which  she drew (in an effort to be more conscious of her consumption) one of her purchases every day for exactly eight years. I first met Kate in 2007 when she was just a year into the project. My friend Rena and I invited her to install some of her drawings and other artwork she’d made about consumption at the gallery we ran inside our store (called Rare Device) in San Francisco. From there we became fast friends. Since then she’s gone on to do new/more great things.

This was Kate’s first drawing in the project, made in February 2006:


Over the course of  2,192 days, Kate drew and posted 2,192 drawings! She brings the idea of a daily project to an entirely new level! You can see Kate’s complete collection of drawings here.


“This project has lead to incredible collaborations, lots of drawing, new ways of working and thinking.” says Kate. Her work has led to books & incredible public talks & textiles and patterns & installations (including the one she did at Rare Device in 2007) & copious illustration work. I am sure it’s also led to many new friendships & personal relationships that she wouldn’t have had otherwise.


I often tell people, GO WITH YOUR CRAZY IDEA. This, my friends, is a case in point. Kate exemplifies that creative spirit and drive that makes this world a better, more hopeful place. I am excited to see what she comes up with next. I’ll leave you with this photo of Kate blowing up a giant pretzel in her office.


Happy Thursday, friends!

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