Makeshift Society :: Brooklyn!




A year ago this coming weekend, Makeshift Society San Francisco opened its doors. Makeshift Society is a community for creative freelancers and independent workers, started by my former business partner and dear friend, Rena Tom. Part co-working space and part clubhouse, people use Makeshift Society to work, take classes, attend events and collaborate on projects.. Makeshift–ever cozy and inviting–is one of my favorite places in San Francisco to work, socialize, learn, teach, meet up and make new friends.

The most exciting news is that Makeshift is opening its doors in Brooklyn, New York. New York friends: This is EXCITING NEWS FOR YOU!! To fund aspects of the endeavor, they’ve launched an ambitious Kickstarter Campaign. Despite being one of the largest, most jam-packed cities in America, New York City can still be a lonely place, and a logistically difficult one to navigate. Makeshift Brooklyn will provide freelancers a beautiful place to work, teach, learn and meet others. That’s exactly what Rena built in San Francisco, and what she and her team are building in Brooklyn.

By supporting the Kickstarter campaign can get you many amazing treats, including a tote bag designed by me (only 100 available!) or a Google Hang Out Session with me and my friend Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge (only 8 of those available!). Here’s a photo of my tote bag with Makeshift’s motto, “do what you love, make who you are”:


Other prizes include a pennant by Lab Partners or a poster by Kate Bingaman Burt. CHECK THEM OUT. You don’t have to live in Brooklyn to participate. Anyone can donate money to the campaign and receive rewards. Want to learn more about what’s happening before you donate? Watch this cool video:

The funds they raise now will enable Rena and her team to create a space that’s not just functional and beautiful, but one that is a vibrant center for creative business in Brooklyn. Part of the funds raised in the campaign will help build a creative tool lending library for rental and onsite usage. A reference library of books and material samples, audio and video equipment for production and post-production, and art and design tools and supplies will help outfit the Clubhouse with shared, creative resources.

Support Makeshift Society Brooklyn.

Happy Tuesday!