I Like Wednesdays




A few weeks ago I shared that I was dedicating time once a week on Wednesdays to make personal work in my studio  (as opposed to commissioned illustration work, which is what I spend most of my time doing). Wednesday is turning out to be my favorite day of the week, as you might imagine.

I realized that I’ve been so busy painting and drawing that I haven’t cut paper (in my studio) since March 17 when I took Lisa Kokin’s mixed media class. This is crazy, especially for someone whose medium used to be collage. So I got out my scissors and exacto knife (along with the usual graphite, ink and gouache) and and finished this piece. I’m participating in a couple of group shows coming up, and she will probably also be for sale. I’ll keep you posted.


{Gouache, ink, graphite and cut paper; finished piece is 11×14 inches, framed in shadowbox}

On another note, so many people wrote kind notes and tweets yesterday after I posted this short essay on comparison. I can’t respond to all of them (there were so many), but I wanted to say thank you to everyone who wrote & tweeted. Most simply said: “Yep, been there too” — and that alone was comforting to hear. It makes me remember that it is our humanness that connects us.

Happy Wednesday.