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For years I wanted more: more work, more love, more friends, more connections, more opportunities. I yearned for my life to expand. And you know what? It did. Because when you are open to more good stuff in your life, you get more.

But recently I hit a wall. All of a sudden I want less. Not necessarily less good stuff. Just less of everything. Maybe you know what I’m talking about. Because it was like this: more work, more love, more friends, more connections, more opportunities turned into more obligations, more commitments, more pressure, more overwhelm.

So 2013 is all about less. I’m under-planning. I’m saying no, even when I want to say yes. I am saving time to do nothing. I’m not going to invent plans or projects just because I have an empty hour or day or month in my calendar. I am going to learn to be okay with less.  I won’t be busy, overbooked, exhausted, overburdened. I did that already, and it’s completely overrated.

When people ask me how I’m doing I’m going to say, Great! I’m enjoying my life and feeling relaxed. And it will be true. I’m not going to say I’m busy, because I’m not going to be busy. And, besides, I dislike that word and what it has come to represent in my life.

Other people are talking about this very thing. Erin wrote an excellent post about the topic here in the context of her own life. And I’ve referred before on this blog to this excellent NY Times article from last year called The Busy Trap. I’m absolutely sure others are thinking and writing about it too.

I’ve never been so excited about less.