A Short Documentary Film :: Like Knows Like




I recall telling you a couple of weeks ago that I was sheepish about sharing videos and films in which I am featured, and today is no exception. Recently, two amazing (talented and kind) filmmakers from Amsterdam followed me for an entire day and made this short 5 minute film about me. It’s part of a series called Like Knows Like in which the filmmakers follow artists whom they discovered via the internet to find out what they are like in “real” life.” You can see some of the other films they’ve made so far on their site.

The film is beautifully shot and Bas and Marije were a joy to work with, and yet I’m still feeling shy about sharing the film. This is the furthest into my apartment I’ve ever let anyone with a video camera. You’ll also see a bit of my studio as well. The film catches my trademark “scowl” as I paint (which makes it look like I am mad, but is really just the expression I have when I am concentrating). I talk about my work, and love, and my relationship. But as I said last time, I am trying to get over my fears of feeling too exposed. So, here is the film! And, I hope you enjoy it. Thank you Bas and Marije for being so wonderful and for featuring me!