Checking in on 100 Acts of Sewing


You guys may remember back in April I posted about my friend Sonya’s amazing project: 100 Acts of Sewing. The project is in full swing and Sonya has already created EIGHTY SIX dresses as part of the project (you can see all the dresses here in this gallery). The one pictured above (made from Japanese fabric) is my absolute favorite (I am scheming a way to break into Sonya’s house to steal it).

Oh, and today is my lucky day! I am headed shortly to Sonya’s studio (she is an amazing fiber artist who makes a lot more than dresses). She’s going to take my measurements, and I’m going to hand her some amazing fabric I got at Marimekko in Finland. And she is going to make ME a dress as part of her project.

I’ll be sure to show you pictures when it’s finished. Thank you, Sonya! I can’t wait.

Psst: If you are interested in Sonya’s work and/or the project, Sonya does a lot of speaking and teaching around the country. You can view the calendar of upcoming events here.