365 Days of Hand Lettering: Day 304



My New Hygge and West Wallpaper is HERE!


Friends, I am so excited to announce the launch of my first-ever wallpaper line! Those of you who follow me on Twitter have heard me hint at the line I’ve been developing for Hygge and West over the past several months. Well, it’s finally here, and I’m thrilled to share it with you! Grace from Design*Sponge also posted about this morning and you can see her post here (thank you, Grace!).

First up: the “Triangle” pattern (seen above)!

It comes in three color ways:

Next up, we have the the “Fern” pattern!

This pattern comes in three color ways as well.

And finally, “Bohemian” which is a crazy all-over pattern that I LOVE.

Close-up (gold):

Also comes in a subtle grey!

I want to thank Christiana & Aimee of Hygge and West for making this one of the most fantastic projects on which I’ve ever worked. They were a delight to work with every step of the way!

You can purchase any of this wallpaper here on Hygge and West’s website. Spread the word, and thank you as always for supporting my work!


Checking in on 100 Acts of Sewing


You guys may remember back in April I posted about my friend Sonya’s amazing project: 100 Acts of Sewing. The project is in full swing and Sonya has already created EIGHTY SIX dresses as part of the project (you can see all the dresses here in this gallery). The one pictured above (made from Japanese fabric) is my absolute favorite (I am scheming a way to break into Sonya’s house to steal it).

Oh, and today is my lucky day! I am headed shortly to Sonya’s studio (she is an amazing fiber artist who makes a lot more than dresses). She’s going to take my measurements, and I’m going to hand her some amazing fabric I got at Marimekko in Finland. And she is going to make ME a dress as part of her project.

I’ll be sure to show you pictures when it’s finished. Thank you, Sonya! I can’t wait.

Psst: If you are interested in Sonya’s work and/or the project, Sonya does a lot of speaking and teaching around the country. You can view the calendar of upcoming events here.


365 Days of Hand Lettering: Day 303


To all the survivors of Sandy. The world is with you.


A Peek at Sanna Annukka’s New Marimekko Line


I am a huge fan of designer/illustrator Sanna Annukka, who makes patterns for Marimekko. I was thrilled to see via Freshly Blended this morning a video peek at the printing of her new line, along with some stunning Finnish landscape. Just beautiful! Take a look:

Happy Monday!

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365 Days of Hand Lettering: Day 302


-Eleanor Roosevelt


365 Days of Hand Lettering: Day 301



365 Days of Hand Lettering: Day 300



365 Days of Hand Lettering: Reflections After 300 Days



Do you remember that image above? For those of you who are newer to my blog, that was the first image I posted on Day 1 of 365 Days of Hand Lettering, nearly 300 days ago on January 1 (today is Day 299). When I started this project, the idea was to get good at calligraphy and traditional lettering (you know, the kind with a nib and ink in a bottle) by practicing it every day for a year. It’s amazing what can happen over the course of the year, and what has happened here, in this project, has definitely NOT been calligraphy practice.

I wrote about it a little here on Day 114 — around the time I’d begun to realize that calligraphy was not my thing, that writing with a nib was excruciatingly challenging for me, too messy, with too many uncontrollable variables, and not fast enough (and to put something out every day, I needed to be fast). I still wish I enjoyed and was skilled at calligraphy and more traditional lettering, because I find calligraphy and traditional lettering incredibly beautiful. But even after a calligraphy class and lots of practice, I still found it too difficult. So I eventually put down my nib and stopped trying. My 365 Days of Hand Lettering project instead became a slow process of developing my own lettering styles (drawn with Micron pens), the most prominent of which is my “Petit Lisa” style (which I subsequently named it) and a few other forms of printed styles and various script styles. This process of working on my own styles of lettering everyday became much more enjoyable than practicing calligraphy and has also led to some pretty amazing other stuff.

{Example of my “Petit Lisa” style of lettering.}

What the project has mostly morphed into over time is daily hand-lettered quotes (and occasional poems and other short sayings) coupled with illustrations. This all is led to a book deal (more details on that soon!), loads of new illustration work, and two fonts based on my hand lettering (available at myfonts.com): Petit Lisa and Geraldine.

{Example of my script styles of lettering.}

The lessons here?

+Try. I tried calligraphy. For about 100 days I practiced it (at least a few times a week) and posted even my most feeble attempts. So trying stuff is important.

+If you don’t like it, move on. Ultimately, if you don’t like practicing something, don’t force yourself to do it. Enjoying your work & hobbies is incredibly important.

+Find what you do like to do and go with it. I managed to figure out a way to keep the project going, even though it wasn’t what I’d originally intended. 365 Days of Hand Lettering slowly and subtlety morphed into a project of hand-lettered quotes. Not what I’d set out to do originally, but just as fun and (as it turns out) even more popular with my readers than the original idea.

{Example of my another printed “outline” style of lettering.}

What’s next? Well, I have about 65 days left (66 to be exact) in this project. And this daily project WILL end on December 31. But I will also continue to share my hand lettering with you on this blog in other ways (I’ve got a few other related projects lined up for 2013). There will be a book of some of the best quotes (more on that soon) and I’ll continue to sell prints of some of your favorites in my Etsy Shop (stay tuned for a big shop update in mid-November!).

Thank you for your continued support and love. You have helped to make this all possible!


365 Days of Hand Lettering: Day 299



Chronicle and Instagram: Call for Submissions


As many of you know, I love Chronicle Books and I also love Instagram. So I’m super excited to tell you about a really awesome project: the first ever crowd-sourced Instagram book!

Do you take beautiful Instagram photos? Would you like to be in a book? Chronicle has opened up the call for submissions, and you can go here to upload your photos. There are size restrictions for the images, so go over here to get all the info. Be sure to use the hashtag #thisishappeningbook.

Have a great Thursday, and spread the word!

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365 Days of Hand Lettering: Day 298



Looking Down


{A little montage above of a few of my favorite feet shots from the past few months.}

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I like to occasionally take photos of my legs and feet. You might also notice I tend mostly to wear leggings (sometimes with crazy patterns) and skirts & dresses. Even though I work in an art studio by myself, I still dress up most days as if I’m going to a job.

Getting dressed in the morning has been one of my favorite things to do since I was a kid. As someone who used to get dinged in her former yearly job reviews for not dressing conservatively enough, I am glad I now get to wear whatever I want to work everyday. Being able to express my personal style everyday is a privilege I do not take for granted.

Happy Wednesday, friends.



365 Days of Hand Lettering: Day 297



Holiday Shopping at Lisa Congdon Art & Illustration


{Reindeer drawing, available here in my Big Cartel shop}

Hello friends! I know it might seem a little early to talk about holiday shopping, but I wanted to share my shop schedules with you here so you can plan ahead. November and December are the busiest times in my shops. If you’d like to make gift purchases from me, here is some information that might be helpful!


In my Etsy Shop I sell mostly archival prints of my work and a few other small, less expensive items. My Etsy Shop will be closed from November 1-12 (I’ll be out for my surgery), and will reopen on November 13. All orders placed by November 1 will ship by the following week. When I reopen November 13, the shop will be stocked with many new prints, some new photographs and even some super cute notebooks! Stay tuned for that. My shop will remain open until December 18. That is the LAST day that you can place an order before the holidays (international orders should be placed earlier). All orders placed by the 18th will ship on December 19. My shop will then be closed again until January.


My Big Cartel Shop is where you can purchase my original fine art. This shop will NOT close while I am recovering from surgery. I will be adding new items to the shop in early November, and I’ll alert you when that happens! The last day to place an order in this shop is also December 18 to ensure delivery in the US before the holidays. International orders should be placed earlier. Items in this shop are one of a kind, and go quickly during the holidays, so I suggest placing your order sooner than later.


20×200 is another place you can purchase archival quality prints of my work. You can read their shipping policies here. Currently I have nine prints for sale exclusively at 20×200 and another will be released next month! It’s a good one, so stay tuned for an announcement in a few weeks!

General Information about Shipping

I now ship once a week on Wednesdays! On occasion it happens Tuesday or Thursday (and on occasion I make special deliveries on other days), but generally it’s Wednesday. If your order arrives and you are not happy with it (it’s damaged or not what you thought it would be), let me know ASAP and we can make arrangements for a return. I want all my customers to be happy!

Do You Live in the Bay Area and Want to See Original Work Before You Purchase It?

If you are interested in purchasing original work but would like to see it in person, I also offer studio visits! Just email me and we’ll set something up!

Have any other questions? Just email me!