Nordic Adventure // Day 9 // Helsinki


{left: a couple of Marimekko treasures I picked up; right: the bed in the apartment in Helsinki where I’m staying}

Those of you who’ve been following my travels know that I have been having an exceptionally exciting time here on my Nordic adventure. Day after day, I have had one amazing experience after another, seeing things I’ve only ever dreamed of seeing. There have been times I have been moved to tears when it’s dawned on me where I am and what I’m looking at or feeling.

Today is the ninth day of my trip, and it’s the first day I’ve felt really, really tired. I have been walking miles and miles every single day (when I am not on an airplane traveling between cities), eating strange food (sometimes I’m not even sure what I’m eating), navigating through completely different languages (Finnish has been the most challenging so far), and not always getting the most restful sleep (I think my body is still adjusting to the reversal of day and night).

I got back today from a visit to the Alvar Aalto Studio and House. It was an incredible experience, and I took loads of photos. I was going to share them with you here as my daily blog post, but I realized that I was just too tired. So I think I’ll save them for another time (I promise to post them after I get home for sure, or maybe even before that).

Time for me to lay down and get some rest this afternoon!

More tomorrow!

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