Nordic Adventure // Day 19 // Iceland’s South Coast and Alafoss


Today I got up close and personal with some Icelandic horses, which has been on the list of things I want to do before I die for some time (CHECK!). I spent the day with my friend Anna Lisa’s cousin (Anna Lisa is Icelandic, but has lived in the US for many years). She introduced me to her cousin, who lives here in Reykjavik. Her name is Thordis. We had dinner when I first arrived in Iceland three weeks ago, and today we spent the day together. It was amazing, and Thordis is beyond lovely, easy to talk to, and so wonderful to show me around. Today she drove me to Alafoss and then to some villages on the South Coast. On the way, we stopped to pet horses (they are everywhere on the road side, roaming free) and look at sheep (I wanted to pet them too but they won’t let you get very close). It was another beautiful day, completed by a stunning sunset. I’m now at my Thordis’ apartment, and she’s making me a delicious dinner. Sigh.

Here are some shots from our day:

Tomorrow I go to a GLACIAL LAGOON (I’m excited enough to put it in all caps, yes).

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