Nordic Adventure // Day 17 // Iceland’s Snæfellsnes Peninsula


{make a wish ::: take a leap}


I’m cheating a little bit today. Aside from the two photos above, I’m going to post photos below taken with my iphone and not my Nikon. I went on a 12 hour tour of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula today and I’m exhausted (which means I don’t have the energy to even look at the 200 photos I took today with my Nikon). I’ve already posted most of these photos on Instagram earlier today, but I couldn’t go to bed before sharing them with you again.

Today was a completely awe-inspiring, dreams-do-come-true kind of day. Iceland is more beautiful than I ever imagined. It is also more beautiful than these photos can possibly show. Everywhere you go there are enormous cliffs overlooking oceans, waterfalls (hundreds of them), horses, sheep, rainbows, lava fields, pastures, mountains, rock formations, farms, beaches… It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Today was the day I pinched myself more than I have the entire adventure. Here’s just a little of what I saw.

Many of you have been asking about how I planned my trip here, how I’m getting around, etc. I promise when I return to write a post about my experience and recommendations. One thing I will say is that Iceland + its people make it very easy to travel here. More on that later, though! Time for me to rest up. Another big day of site seeing tomorrow!

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