Nordic Adventure // Day 16 // Reykjavik


I’m back in Iceland for 5 more days before I head back to San Francisco. I’m really excited to be at this leg of my trip, because it involves heading out of city life and into the natural beauty of this magnificent country. I’ve been obsessed with the landscape of Iceland since I discovered it watching Heima several years ago, the documentary about Sigur Rós’ tour around their homeland. I found the imagery in the film so beautiful that I was moved to tears, and I decided at that moment I had to go to Iceland. And now I am here, and starting tomorrow I will be heading out into geysers, glaciers, volcanoes, waterfalls and coastline. Prepare yourself for some different kids of photos than I’ve been posting the last few weeks!

Today I stayed in Reykjavik to recover from a late night of travel. It’s really cold and wet here, so I’m enjoying taking a day of rest inside my cozy room. This morning I went to visit Hallgrímskirkja Church (drawn here), which is a short walk from the guest house where I am staying. I took an elevator to the top and shot some images of the rooftops, much like the photo taken by another photographer that I shared here before I left on the trip. Below are images from my walk, the church and the view from the top. Enjoy.


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