More from Mia’s Visit


We started our second week with my niece Mia today after a very busy and happy weekend together! Mia is a really amazing kid, so filled with love and enthusiasm. I feel so incredibly lucky to have this time with her.

Friday night we spent the evening with one of my best friends in the whole world, Lorena, who is the owner and brilliant designer behind Petit Collage. Lorena has a three year old daughter named Matilda (Mati, for short) who my partner Clay and I adore. Mati was smitten with Mia! Pictured above are Mia, Mati and Clay on our walk after dinner down Valencia Street (yep, it’s pretty cold in San Francisco this time of year).

Saturday we spent some time at my brother’s where Mia got to hang out with her new cousin Paige (those of you who follow me on Instagram may know that my brother and his wife had a baby recently). At first, Mia wasn’t so sure about holding a baby. I handed her Paige, however, and she adapted quickly and ended up really enjoying the experience.  It helps that Paige is completely mellow and such an easy kid. It was so heart-warming to see these two together I almost got a little teary eyed!

Sunday we packed a lunch and headed on the bus to The California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park.

Mia revels in learning new things, and so this was a really exciting experience for her. As we were standing in line to get in she was literally bouncing with excitement. At the end of the day we went to the roof garden at the Academy, and it was so sunny that Mia had to wear Clay’s Raybans to block the sun while I took her photo. I think they suit her well! She’s pretty much the most stylish kid I know (rocking a 80’s era Esprit skirt above).

I can’t believe her time with us is over in just five days. I’m already wanting her back next summer!