365 Days of Hand Lettering: Day 181



Summer Memories


When I was a kid, my family went on adventures every summer. My parents were really into exploring different parts of California, Nevada and Oregon, and we went camping in some really gorgeous places. I am convinced that my artistic obsession with the forest and small animals is a direct result of these experiences.

The photo above is from about 1977. I’m the girl on the left in a white shirt with the blue bandana. I was about 9 years old here. Pictured here also are my older brother (top left in red), my mom (next to him in yellow), my dad (top right in the stripes) and my younger sister (bottom right in red). The kid on the right is my brother’s friend, and everyone else belongs to the Heinitz family, close friends who lived down the street. Mr. Heinitz took the photo. I am really loving all the outfits in this photo, especially my brother’s tube socks (this is the brother who is now 6’5″ tall).

Also weird? My mom is 5 years younger in this photo that I am now (she was 39 here) and my dad was 7 years younger (he was 37 here).

Anyhow, I don’t get out into the wilds of California like I did when I was a kid. I am so grateful to my parents for exposing me to so much of it when I was growing up. Just seeing this photo makes me want to hop into a car and drive east toward Yosemite, to smell the hot air, and even to feel the light-headedness that comes with altitude change. I just don’t get out much anymore to hike or camp. I have “too much to do” on the weekends, which are filled with social plans, errands and projects around the apartment. I really admire people who leave all of that behind and get far out of town to explore and relax (my sister and brother and their families are so good at this).

I’ve been wondering a lot lately about how I can do more of that, how I can get out into the wilds more often, especially in the summer, when California is especially magical. Personal challenge: get out more this summer into nature, even if it’s not super far out of the city.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

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365 Days of Hand Lettering: Day 180



Dream Wedding Dress


As most of you know, I am getting married next June. June 1, 2013, to be exact. I’ve known since the moment I became engaged that I would not wear a traditional white wedding dress. I’ve changed my mind a bunch of times in the last six months about color and style and whether I’d have it made or buy it from a store. The other day I actually found the dress I think I am going to buy. I WISH it was the one pictured above, because this Julien David dress might be the most awesome dress I have ever laid my eyes on. I discovered it in last month’s issue of Paper Magazine, and I nearly fell over. But then I looked at the price tag ($3,650.) and said, oh wait, NO.

But, a girl can dream, right? And the one I did find and plan to purchase is a much less fancy version of this dress at a much better price. So, as we say, it’s all good.

I’ll just be staring at this one for a little bit longer.


365 Days of Hand Lettering: Day 179


May she rest in peace. 1941-2012