New York Weekend


What better way to start this post than with photos of two of my favorite (and two of the world’s cutest) dogs: Fritz and Bruno, who belong to my dear friend Anna Dorfman. This past weekend, Victoria, Jenna and I took the train from Grand Central Station to the Hudson Valley to visit Anna at her amazing home there. Anna and her husband Evan bought and renovated an old home in Newburgh six years ago. She’s chronicled much of the incredible renovation on her blog over the last several years.

The visit was so lovely and relaxing. There was coffee, lots of coffee.

There were long walks and story sharing.

There was food, and lots of it. And hair dye and nail polish. And Bridesmaids. And then, this morning, goodbyes. Goodbyes are always the hardest for me.

And then Victoria and I came back to Manhattan and enjoyed the beautiful afternoon.

Today I am attending Surtex all day at my agency’s booth. I am so excited to see many of my LRS friends there. I love them all so much. And I’ll also pop over to the Stationery Show, which is always a treat.

Happy Monday.