100 Acts of Sewing


You all know I am a sucker for an innovative creative project. I have recently become obsessed with the project of my friend, fiber artist Sonya Philip, called 100 Acts of Sewing. She started the project in January of this year and she has the goal of making 100 dresses. In her own words:

“The act of creating clothing requires skill – choosing or making cloth, dyeing or printing, cutting and sewing – these are skills our society has largely lost or pushed offshore. Items of mass produced clothing are fast and cheap. Numbed by uniformity, most don’t value making. The act of creating clothing is something that engenders a sense of self-sufficiency, accomplishment and ultimately happiness. This site will document each dress as they are made, noting the materials used and who the dress is made for – the artist, friend, or near stranger.”

I already love Sonya’s great sense of personal style, and I love each of the dresses she’s created so far. I also love how she’s housed the project on a really simple Tumblr blog so that we can check back in to track her progress and her beautiful creations.

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