365 Days of Hand Lettering: Day 31


Oh oh oh…


That was cold. And super fun.


I just arrived home from my three day trip to the great city of Milwaukee. This is my third trip to Milwaukee, and I really love it there. Two out of the three times I’ve gone there, it’s been in the middle of the winter, and MAN is it cold there. Like I would wear a face mask if I lived there. That kind of cold. But it’s also really beautiful in Wisconsin and the people there are super friendly. Highlights of my trip:

-The Abstract Fiction show at the University of Wisconsin Art Gallery. What a magnificent space. Above top left you can see Liz Miller’s amazing huge pink installation to the right and  a portion of Eddie J. Villanueva’s installation on the left. Deedee Cheriel and I both showed wall pieces. You can see my friend Faythe looking at my shadowboxes on the top right. I did not feel too nervous during my artist talk, which is a miracle. Maybe I was just too tired to have the jitters after having been up since 4 a.m. California time.

-Friends, friends and more friends who came to that show, like the amazing and very cool Veronica, who came all the way from Chicago. And Rebecca and Robbie, who I adore and brought my flowers!!  And my pals Melissa and JW of the Little Friends of Printmaking, who I could talk to forever. And Colleen and  Marisa, who I met that night and who were so gracious and kind. And all the other cool people who I met that night, who are far too many to name! You were all highlights!

-Going to get french fries and whiskey after the show with Faythe and Janelle. I loved hanging with these ladies in a warm bar on a cold night.

-Thrifting and antiquing with Faythe. We did marathon thrifting an antiquing both Saturday and Sunday and I got a bunch of really, really cool stuff and barely spent any money. I love that I have a friend who has as much endurance for this kind of thing as I do. Thank you, Faythe.

-The Kohler Art Center which was so great. My favorite was the work of Timothy Wehrle, which has to be observed up close in order to be fully appreciated.

-Saturday night drinks with Faythe and her man Aaron and Heather of Bona Drag. Favorite place was At Random, and completely old school bar inside and out (only mixed drinks + liquor are served, no beer or wine), and you must wait to be seated (no standing bar). The impressive exterior is pictured above, bottom right.

-Getting to stay with Faythe and Aaron and spending some good quality time with these two friends. They are awesome people.

I am so happy to be home. At least for a little bit. I leave Thursday again for Portland for another show, this one at Land Gallery. More on that this week.

Time to get some cuddle in with Wilfredo before I get back to work.


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