New Bike Print + Announcement!


I’ve just added this new Tour de France bike print to my shop! If you love bikes I’ve also got this one and this one.

Also: my big announcement! I’m so happy to let you know that I will be starting a new daily project for 2012, akin to my 2010 project, Collection a Day. It’s a bit different, but the same idea. Every day for 365 days I’ll be posting an image of something related to the project. What’s the project, you ask? Stay tuned, because that part will be announced Sunday, January 1!

Happy Friday, friends!

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Lovely Holiday


My Christmas in Portland with my family was so lovely. Here are some highlights, from top to bottom, left to right:
Ace Hotel photo booth with Clay
-My parent’s beautiful Christmas tree
-My niece Mia at Trish Grantham’s show at Augen Gallery
Ace Hotel photo booth with my niece Mia
-My mom’s neighbor’s Santa collection
-The Ace Hotel
-Wilfredo looking dapper on Christmas Eve
-Brunch at my sister’s house on Christmas morning

I hope you’ve had a nice holiday too!
PS: I’ve got an exciting announcement to make tomorrow, so stay tuned!!


My Work in the Contemporary Jewish Museum


I’m back from my holiday vacation and so happy to be back on the blog. Today I am so excited to announce that my work will be featured in an exhibition opening February 16 at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco. This is my first museum show and I could not be more thrilled to be involved. The exhibition, Do Not Destroy: Trees, Art, and Jewish Thought is an opportunity for the 50 invited artists to explore the subject of the tree in Jewish tradition. The show is a continuation of a long-running series at the Contemporary Jewish Museum—the Dorothy Saxe Invitational—in which artists from diverse backgrounds and working in a range of medium are invited to explore a Jewish ritual object. My piece (pictured above) is made from reclaimed wood and gouache and explores the Tu B’Shevat seder, an all vegan feast with four cups of wine progressing from white to red, with shades of pink in between.

The exhibition opens February 16, and I hope if you are in San Francisco you will go visit the museum to see it! You can learn more about the show and view some of the other work here.


Happy Holidays & Blog Vacation


Hello friends and happy holidays! Two things: 1) Today (Friday, December 16 by midnight) is the last day to place an order in my shop to ensure holiday delivery. Tomorrow morning will be my last post office run before heading on vacation for a week to visit my family in Portland. You can place orders after today, but I will not be shipping again until December 27. 2) I’m taking a little blog vacation also until December 27! I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing holiday. I will be doing lots of nothing for a week and am really looking forward to it. I’ll see you on the 27th with a little report on my vacation nothing-ness. Cheers!


My Book


I’m nearly out of copies of my book to sell you (so if you want to order a signed copy directly from me, jump over here real quick), but you can get unsigned copies on Amazon and at my publisher UPPERCASE. Makes a great gift for collectors!


Save the Date


Super excited about an upcoming show I’m having with one of my favorite people, Trish Grantham, at Land Gallery in Portland. Portlanders, save February 3 for the opening. Trish and I will both be in attendance! The show runs through March 3. Also, if you like Trish’s work, she has an amazing show up at Augen Gallery in Portland right now.

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More Repeat Patterns


More repeat patterns! All are available for license from my agency Lilla Rogers Studio.

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Nautical Menagerie


Nautical Menagerie, gouache on masonite panel, 12x12x2 inches, framed in 1/2 inch birch. For sale in my shop. And don’t forget: 15% off for a limited time with discount code HAPPYHOLIDAYS. Cheers + happy Monday!

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Almost exactly four years ago, I spoke to a woman at a local animal rescue and told her I wanted a French Bulldog. She told me she didn’t have any Frenchies, but she did have a 5 month old Chihuahua that I should come meet. He was very sweet and timid, she said, but she was pretty sure he wouldn’t chase my cats and that he’d do nicely in my small apartment. Dubious (at the time my impression of Chihuahuas was not entirely positive), I went to meet this little guy. When I arrived, they handed me a tiny fawn colored pup with gorgeous green eyes and a pink nose and lips. It was literally love at first sight. The next day I picked him up for good and brought him home.

Wilfredo had been abandoned in the Central Valley of California. He was in good health. He was rescued with his brother, to whom he was very attached. His brother had been adopted a few days earlier, and apparently Wilfredo (I gave him this name) was despondent after his brother was taken away (the thought of this still makes me weepy).

When I brought him home, he immediately fell asleep, which I took as a good sign. Upon waking, he began following me around and, of course, peeing everywhere (thankfully I managed to house train him pretty quickly!). He was immediately really great with people and every day his bright personality emerged more and more. Turns out Wilfredo is sort of a big dog in a little dog’s body. He loves to play fetch + do tricks, loves people + table scraps, is super mellow and will kiss your entire face if you let him. He’s incredibly affectionate and the quintessential lap dog. I think he’d make a great therapy dog. He loves to be held and petted, kissed and coddled. He gets a lot of that in our house.

It’s been four years now and I cannot imagine my life without this little guy. Shortly after I got him I met my partner and so now Wilfredo has two moms. He is like our kid and we love him to pieces. I often say that he is magical, and I mean that in the truest sense of the word. I feel so grateful to have this incredibly warm, sweet, kind-spirited animal around me all the time. He calms me and makes me feel so happy. I love him so much.


Matthias Heiderich


Sometime in 2010 I discovered the work of Matthias Heiderich, a photographer who lives and works in Berlin. I immediately fell in love with his photographs of open urban landscapes and minimalist architecture. I love how he captures bright colors as they contrast (and sometimes conflict) with muted backgrounds. He’s done several amazing collections, but I am most fond (surprise, surprise) of his snow blind series. As many of you know I am quite taken with simple barren landscapes and his are really stunning. You can view this entire series here.

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More Kids Art


Here are a few more pieces from the collection I featured yesterday. Enjoy and have a great Tuesday.

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Happy Monday


A couple of years ago I started creating kid-friendly characters in my artwork. It began with the owl you see above (and a bird, not pictured here). And then this past year I added the squirrel and hedgehog. I love creating bright and bold artwork for kids! I’ll share a few more tomorrow.

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Smith River over Thanksgiving Weekend


As promised, here are a few more photos from my Thanksgiving away with my family in Smith River, CA, near the Oregon border. This place is truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, and I am afraid these photos do not do it justice. Pictured: My dog Wilfredo walking in the beach + some amazing tide pools in nearby Crescent City. My brother and his wife and my sister and her husband and niece and nephew enjoying a morning walk on the beach. The incredible view down the beach. My partner Clay and Wilfredo posing for a photo.


Kid Friendly Repeat Patterns


As you know, I love making repeat patterns and occasionally I make kid-friendly patterns. Here are a few of my recent favorites! They are all available for license through my agency, Lilla Rogers Studio.

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