Drips + Drops


I’ve had drops in my brain lately (and it’s not even raining here yet!). So yesterday I made these two new repeat patterns. If you are interested, they are available for licensing through my agency.

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Bright and Cheery


For me (and I know for many others) much of the joy of collecting comes from display. Unlike many of the collections in my book, the collections in my home are decorative. And my kitchen is the place where I keep my most prized collection: my vintage mid-century kitchenware from Scandinavia and Japan. Two years ago Jen Siska shot photos of my kitchen for Dwell Magazine, and they are my favorite photos ever. I love to cook (a love recently acquired in the past few years) and so I spend a lot of time in here making food for other people. Most of my kitchenware collectables are too precious to actually use, but I do use some of the old bowls and baking dishes when I cook (the Swedes and Danes made some sturdy items back then). Most of all, I just love looking at them.


More Magical Kingdoms


You may recall a couple of weeks ago, I posted some new illustration work I’d done for the children’s market. Here are a few more pieces in that series. Both are available for license through my agency. They are made from gouache + vintage paper (one of my favorite combinations, incidentally). Enjoy.

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Drawing M&M


I am one of those aunts who is crazy about her niece and nephew. M&M live in Portland so I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like. And they are growing up so fast! Earlier this year, my sister Stephanie (one half of 3191) took this amazing photo of them in the woods. I could not resist turning it into a pencil drawing for her. I am often overwhelmed with drawing too many details, so I end up leaving so many of my drawings with negative space around the subjects. In this case I am happy with how it turned out.


Buy a Print and Support Charity Water!


I am so excited right now to be raising money for a wonderful organization called Charity Water. They bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. I’ve just added brand new print to my shop (pictured above) called Deep. For the next three weeks, when you purchase this archivally printed, signed and dated piece, 100% of the proceeds go to support this wonderful organization. You can purchase the print here for $18. Thank you in advance for your support!

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